Major Kane County employer Sampin'' Up! told wokers here last week that they should be readying themselves for the possibility of mid-April layoffs.

Stampin'' Up! public relations officer Dana Robinson said the company had always operated under a very open policy, and they felt compelled to share the company''s economic concerns with its employees early.

"We had always planned for growth, but had to revisit our plans in the down economy," said Robinson.

Stampin'' Up! first put down serious company roots in Kanab after sisters Lavonna Crosby and Shelli Gardner outgrew their home-based scrapbook stamping business.  The first company catalog was published in 1997.  Lavonna eventually got out of the business to pursue other interests.  Stampin'' Up! moved its home office and distribution center to Salt Lake, while leaving a manufacturing facility in Kanab.

In a March 20 blog, Shelli Gardner wrote on the company website how difficult the employee layoff decision made by the corporate team had been to her.  She said that Stampin'' Up! was still selling and sharing, and had made significant cuts in its budget over last year, including the corporate team taking wage reductions as well.

"But we''ve reached a point where this was really our only alternative," wrote Gardner. "Stampin'' up! is a viable company.  However, if we were to continue as we are, with declining sales and our current infrastructure, we simply wouldn''t stay that way."

Gardner expressed concern for those affected by the layoff decisions.  "I know that however difficult this is for me, it is much more devastating for those who will be losing their jobs."