On January 26, 2011, a search warrant was executed by the Kane County Drug Task Force, along with officers from the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, Kanab City Police, Utah Highway Patrol, and the Fredonia Marshals Office at a local residence in Kanab. The Drug Task Force had been purchasing drugs out of the home on numerous occasions for the past month.

More attention was drawn to the occupants of the home recently due to threats made against local people in the community. Fearing for their safety, they contacted local authorities and reported the threats. Information was obtained that two of the individuals who lived in the home were convicted felons and were in possession of firearms. A search warrant was written to obtain illegal drugs being sold out of the home, along with firearms. 

During a search of the home, detectives located items that belonged to a burglary victim that had taken place approximately two months ago in the same neighborhood. Personal items belonging to the burglary victim were located, along with a large amount of ammunition and two high-powered rifles. 

Michael Troy Simpson, 45, Val James Reynolds, 48, and Cory Berney, 21, were all arrested and taken to the Kane County Jail.

The Kane County Drug Task Force is encouraging anyone who has been threatened or possibly feels they may have been burglarized by any of these individuals and would like to come forward, to please contact the Kane County Sheriff’s Office at 435-644-4916. You can remain anonymous.