At the January 24 Kane County Commission meeting, Commissioner Dirk Clayson presented a program to be reviewed for economic development.  Clayson was selected by the commission to work with the county attorney to put together an RFP to develop a board and proposed economic development issues.

Now that the upstairs section of the courthouse is being remodeled, the commissioners are asking about items that are being stored there. Although it was cleaned out somewhat last summer, there is still a lot there taking up space that is not being used. Dave Owens and Karla Johnson will work on devising a policy for storage. 

While the county is in the process of re-activating the Recreation and Transportation District Board, an interim board is needed to deal with current business. The commissioners will serve in that capacity, with Commissioner Jim Matson as chairman.

The commission appointed Dale Spencer, Harold Hamblin and Robert Houston to the Land Use Board. There were three positions open at this time, and all applicants were qualified and are encouraged to re-apply.

Dan Hulet was appointed to the Western Kane County Special Service District #1.

Commissioner Doug Heaton said the entire Kane County Fair needs to be in one location so it can continue to grow. The commission authorized an RFP to design and provide an estimated cost to build based on the design.

The commission discussed the need to update the County General Plan.  It was last done in 1998. They would like to take into consideration the Public Sector and Public Lands. The Resource Committee will work on the Public Lands Sector. They discussed the cost and need for professional help. The Land Use Board will handle the private sector. No action was taken at this point.

The Employee Insurance Committee met and requested a more precise policy for non-disbursed HRA (Health Refund Account) funds. The county has a high deductible and thus lower insurance premiums. It also lowers misuse of medical facilities. Employees contribute to a fund that is governed by the IRS. The committee wants a policy that when employees leave the county and don’t use (for medical only), their part reverts back to the county. When the wording of a resolution is ready, they will return for approval.

A proposed change in the Dental Plan was tabled. The committee does not yet have the necessary figures.

After a long discussion on proposed death benefit for an employee who dies while on duty, versus the burden on taxpayers and weighing county needs and individual needs, the commission approved 2-1, a proposed death benefit for work-related deaths. Commissioners Matson and Clayson voted aye, and Commissioner Heaton nay. 

The vote was also 2-1 making the death benefit retroactive to August 2010. Commissioner Heaton explained he wanted the best for Brian Harris’ family, but did not like the way it was worded.

The commission approved Resolution 2011-2A, asserting legal standing and formally requesting coordination with all federal and state agencies maintaining jurisdiction. This is a response of federal action from the Department of the Interior’s proposed withdrawal of mining on the Arizona Strip. They also authorized Commissioner Matson to compose a letter to Secretary Salazar, Department of Interior, as a response to his action. 

Commissioner assignments and tasks were approved. 

At the MBA section, the upstairs remodel received a change order for more power for electrical outlets, heating and temperature control. There will be no change orders without commission approval. Commissioner Heaton stated, “We need oversight, so we don’t end up with a bill we hadn’t anticipated.”

 At the Public Safety Facility update, Deputy Sheriff Tracy Glover explained cash flow issues on the $15 million project. He had a spreadsheet on revenues and expenditures.

The commission approved an amendment to the construction manager’s contract to fulfill USDA requirements.