The Fredonia Historical Society announced the winners in its annual Arizona Strip Photographic Contest. Winners included Barry Glazier, Vickie Jensen, Blaine Yazzie and Kendall Brooksby.

Scenes depicted in the winning photographs varied extensively in the portrayal of the ruggedness and beauty found on the Arizona Strip. Captions accompanying photographs reveal the subject, along with the geographic location in some instances. Subjects depicted in the captions include “A Horseman Watering Horses at Carol Tanks,” “Catching Another Sunrise Near Horse Flat,” “Sacred Reflection,” and “Oh! The Things, You Could Have Seen Through My Window.”

Judges Rosemary Swapp and Richard Walker commented on the skill of the winning photographers in the uniqueness of subject, the capturing of time in the control of light and shadow, and the intended appeal to the viewer with the creation of wonderment of the subject. It is unusual that two of the photographs capture duplication of imagery through reflection in water; one of horseman and horses with intensity of coloration reflected in the water at Carol Tanks, and one of a magnificent time-honored rock caught along with its surroundings of sky and plant-covered sides in reflection from a rain-created pool at its base, captioned “Sacred Place.” Barry Glazier submitted the photograph of the horseman at Carol Tanks. Blaine Yazzie submitted the photograph of the geographical setting captioned Sacred Place.

“Catching Another Sunrise Near Horse Flat,” submitted by Vickie Jensen, reveals a rustic cabin caught in the shadings of light and shadow of trees and other vegetation, plus the coloration of gray, white, and blue of the early morning sky.

“Oh! The Things You Could Have Seen Through My Window,” submitted by Kendall Brooksby, preserves the weathered board siding of a building, with emphasis on an alternately broken paned window. Wonderment of what could be seen might include cowboys, C.C.C. camp life, sawmill, and lumber mills, along with many other things.

The Fredonia Historical Society members are pleased with the participation in the Annual Photographic Contest. Participants are encouraged to participate in our next contest later this year. In the selection of pictures, please consider old, as well as new, photos which depict the history of Fredonia, as well as the entirety of the Arizona Strip.