On Tuesday, January 18, 2011 a special meeting of the Kane County Hospital Board was held to discuss the possibility of taking over the Fredonia City clinic and their employees as part of the Kane County Hospital operations.

Kane County Hospital Administrator Sherrie Pandya informed the board that Fredonia Town Manager Dan Watson had approached her explaining the problems with Canyonlands Community Health Care Management Company and their intent to withdraw their services from the city.

The city would like to keep the clinic open. Watson asked if the Kane County Hospital Board would be interested in signing a contract providing the citizens of the area with health care services at the Fredonia Medical Center, paying rent and utilities accordingly.

Pandya commented that since Canyonlands will be seeking another location, possibly in Kanab, it might be advisable to take this opportunity to expand the Kane County Hospital’s operations to include Fredonia. Since Canyonlands will be removing all their equipment, Pandya said the hospital has medical equipment currently in storage from the closure of the Cedar Mountain Clinic that can be utilized in the Fredonia Clinic.

Pandya said she has discussed this issue with the Kane County Medical Staff, and they are in favor of it. 

All the hospital board members were in attendance, as well as Attorney Ed Robbins, Commissioner Jim Matson, Human Resources Director Laurali Noteman and Chief Financial Officer Stephen Howells.

It was the consensus of the board to conduct a more thorough research into the matter, considering all the checks and balances, in order to reach a final decision. The subject will be on the agenda for the February 1, 2011 Hospital Board meeting.

Chairperson Dottie Ratzlaff made a motion to go into a closed session.