For those who didn’t attend the community play Hairless at the Crescent Moon Theater last weekend, you missed a real treat! It’s been a long time since I’ve attended such a fun, laugh-out-loud, production like that.

Thank you to Kanab resident Bobbi Chaney for writing, directing and acting in the play. Thanks to the cast and crew, and to all involved with Crescent Moon Theater, for giving their time, talent and money, to provide some much-needed entertainment for the community. The proceeds from the show were in benefit of the Friends of the Kanab Library.

The costumes, music and performances by the 14 main characters, and nine supporting ‘Hippies,’ just made you feel good and smile. Don’t we all need that?

The play Hairless was a musical comedy, that initially featured older folks in a care center, reminiscing about what they were doing, thinking about or acting on, in the 1960s.

New carehome resident Starshine (hippie that never grew up), played by Darlene Anderson, and her grandson Moondancer (Jon Tapia), decided to change all that, with better attitudes and sugar least that’s what Moondancer said they were!

The resulting interchanges between the group, including wheelchair-bound Vietnam vet Terry Parthemore as Cap, Father William, played by Lenny Domyan, Paul Arndt as Joe, Sky Chaney as Ben, and the old ladies at the home – Sue Fox as Rosemary, Bobbi Chaney as Maggie, and Jo Quinby as Candy – were hysterical. The group ‘went back in time’ so to speak, to what they did do, and what they missed out on doing, in the 60s.

Also in the cast were a tap-dancing nurse (Carolyn Shelton), Earth Mother (Mickie Bolling-Burke), Timothy Leary (Tom Carter), Vietnam veteran (Jim Shelton) and hippie dancer Becca West.

The program offered the true statement that, ‘inside every older person is a younger person wondering what happened.’ Hairless made me think back and smile about life in the 1960s, and reflect on life now.

Fun, laughter and terrific music – a great thing for the Kanab area. Productions like this should be encouraged and supported by the local community.