Fredonians may notice a little brighter sight when looking at the red cliffs now. Where once stood an old brown water tank, now sits a beautifully refurbished, ADEQ and OSHA compliant water tank. 

The old tank, which was installed in the 1950s, was not only covered in hundreds of names from Judds to Heatons, Mackelprangs to Allens, Lathims to Taits, it was also covered with lead paint. There were several other ADEQ and OSHA standards not being met by the tank as well, including the ladder, lack of safety rail and more. 

After the completion of the Northern Loop Project last spring, it was determined the town would have Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds remaining that could be used to bring the tank into compliance.

First, the tank was drained and thoroughly cleaned and inspected to determine the extent of repairs needed.

Next, the project was put out to bid, the winning bidder, however, was unable to be bonded as required. This caused a significant delay in the project. CDBG funding had a deadline of November for completion of projects, but NACOG generously extended the funding period to accommodate the town.

The project was put out to bid a second time and awarded to Arizona Coating Applicators.

Once the contractors began work on the tanks, they diligently and efficiently worked to complete the project, understanding the importance of having the tank back on line for spring.

The finished result is a beautifully refurbished, ADEG/OSHA- compliant water tank. 

Although looking through the many names carved on the tank was fascinating, please remember, it is vandalism. Vandalism on a water tank is considered tampering with a public water supply, and brings with it legal consequences.