Prior to the start of the Kanab City Council meeting on March 24, Pastor Doug Hounshell presented the council with a check for $200 that was accepted by Fire Chief Joe Decker for use by the fire department. 

The Cliffview Baptist Church sponsored the showing of "Fireproof", a movie on fire fighting and donated the concession money  as an appreciation for the sacrifices made by Kanab''s volunteer fire department.

Kim Jones, representing the Gardner Foundation, updated the council on plans to complete renovation projects to Jacob Hamblin Park. Mayor Lawson stated skateboarding violations in the park  are being addressed.  The council was appreciative of both of these contributions to the city.

 The regular meeting began on schedule at 7 p.m. and addressed new business proposals and three  requests for zoning changes.

 Pam MacDonald asked for support from Mayor Lawson and the council for her planned horse-drawn carriage town tour business, which she hopes to have implemented before the start of spring visitors to the area. 

 She sought permission from UDOT to use Hwy 89 through town as the central part of her route through Kanab, but this request was denied for perceived safety reasons.  Manti, Utah has a carriage business operating on Hwy 89.  The business would facilitate historic site tours and a taxi type service.

 The mayor and council felt the business was in keeping with the western theme Kanab has been nationally recognized for. The mayor will write a letter to UDOT requesting that this sanction be lifted. His request will also include a call for action on the Center and Main stoplight that is sorely needed. 

MacDonald will route her rides on other streets necessitating the crossing of Hwy 89 in multiple places, which could be more hazardous than going on Hwy 89 itself.

 Keith Kelsch, a former technical writer and education/community developer, introduced his concept for an Internet search engine pilot program for Utah starting in Kanab and Manti.  Named "Hot Zing", the program has been in development the past two years and is designed to focus on the individual community and what it has to offer in the way of services, businesses, recreational opportunities and other relevant information.  Social  networking, classified advertising and a business marketing service are also in the plan.  "It''s an Intranet versus an Internet scheme" said Kelsch.  His office is in St. George but he will have a local representative soon working in Kanab and hopes the Utah project leads to national development.

 Fire Chief Joe Decker requested Spencer Mosdell be removed from probationary status to full time firefighter and that Greg Davis, Darren Coleman and Randy Little be placed on six-month probationary status with the fire dept.  To achieve full time status after that time period, these men must attend 75% of the Thursday night meetings and 40% of the fire calls with three excused absences being provided.  The council accepted these proposals.  Decker said he eventually hopes to have 30 volunteers in his now 22-man department.

 Mayor Lawson stated no consideration will be given to dog runs in city motels and it should not have come to the Council''s agenda.

 The meetings first request for zoning changes, was made by J Leslie Turner for property located at 2020 S. Powell (Lot 727) in the Kanab Creek Ranchos.  The request was for a change from R-R-1 (Rural Residential) to RA (Residential Agricultural) on the 2.88 acre lot.  This would allow harboring of domestic animals, in this case a dog kennel. 

Councilman Terril Honey, who sits on the Planning and Zoning board recommended denying this request as being inconsistent with the residential use of the area. 

After opening the floor to public comment, which generated a concern about initiating a precedent, the council voted unanimously to deny Turner''s request.

 A request by Sterling and Shelli Gardner to change a vacant lot zoned R-1-10 (Residential) to C2 (Commercial) at 252 S. 200 E. was accepted by the council.  This lot adjoins another lot to the south owned by the Gardner''s and zoned C2.  They have cleaned up and chain-link fenced the north lot to be used for storage of building materials.  There were no objections to this change by the public and the motion was passed unanimously with Honey abstaining since he owns property in the immediate vicinity of the lot.

 The last request was made by Danny Mason,  of Kanab Hills Development, LLC for a zoning change impacting the 1,078 acre parcel of land south and west of the KCR where his company plans to build Vermillion Village.  Presently the parcel has P and Z approval for seven different zones with a maximum number of single and multi-family units totaling 6691 or 6.2 per acre.

Mason asked the council for rezoning of the entire acreage to R-1-8 (Single Family Residential) with a planned development overlay that will be reviewed as the project unfolds by P and Z and the city fathers for subsequent approval.  Mason stated, "This will allow us to mix the individual zones now in existence so we can blend single residences with multiple residences and commercial zones.  It enhances our concept of a village atmosphere with narrow streets and shorter setbacks.  We intend to make this development of the highest quality,  yet affordable to a vast range of potential homeowners."

 The density average of 6.2 units per gross acre would not change one-way or the other.  Mason stated Cedar City has approved a 400-acre Village concept development and they have constructed prototype houses in Enoch to show off their home designs. 

 If the council did not approve the request, the zoning would stay as has already been approved.  The initial plan regardless of zoning changes is to build up to 50 units per year just south of the KCR subdivision and after reaching 200 units, a third bridge over Kanab Creek would be necessary south of the airport.

 Terril Honey made a motion to accept the zoning change with stipulation that the planned development overlay site plan be presented to the city within six months or the zone change would revert to the original designations.  This was seconded by Tony Chatterley and passed unanimously.