Chief Financial Officer Stephen Howells explained the need of the 1500 gallon tank, as it is the primary source of oxygen to the hospital. Homeland Security requires there be a 96-hour emergency supply back-up system to a healthcare facility.

Medical oxygen is used by patients in healthcare facilities for life support and for medical treatment. It is vital to ensure that the medical oxygen supply system provides a safe and reliable supply of oxygen to healthcare facilities and its patients. If a failure occurs, it could be very serious.

Airgas is the supplier of industrial, medical and specialty liquid oxygen gas. Howells said the hospital has a service/lease agreement with Airgas, who will do remote monitoring and refill accordingly.

The compact design is particularly practical where hospital ground space is limited. Larry Rose Construction of Orderville and L&L Mechanical Contractors of St. George shared in the construction.

Just part of the requirements: The cement pad is 15 inches thick with re-bar. Cement walls surround the tank area with a chainlink fence and cement barriers installed. The diameter of the tank is 66 inches, and the height is 188 inches. The oxygen is kept at minus 290 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pipelines leading from the tank supply the hospital with oxygen.

If a power shortage occurs, or in case of an emergency, the tank with its 96-hour back-up system would continually supply the hospital and its patients. Howells said it is a cost effective addition to the hospital.

The Hospital Auxiliary donated money towards the cost of the installation.