A public hearing for the 2011 budget and for a budget opening for 2010 was held with no comments made. Transferred back to the Attorney’s office was $1,900. Both the 2011 budget and 2010 budget opening were approved.

The Transportation Plan was approved as Resolution 2010-24 as a cooperative border preservation agreement between UDOT and Kane County regarding the Transportation Corridor. The agreement is between mile marker post 48.4 and 63.1. Tyler Hoskins, UDOT, on the Kanab East Transportation Plan, said a few parts of it have been amended with clarifications from the original document. The  additions contain purpose, more information about the frontage road system and the working was changed from figures to plan sheets. Hoskins said, “This is a flexible plan.”     

At the Municipal Building Authority (MBA) portion of the meeting, Tracy Glover updated the commission on the public safety facility progress. “The USDA loan is secure, it is jut a matter of time,” said Glover. The CIB loan has closed and the USDA is trying to close by the end of the year.

The Public Health Building, once paid off by the CIB, Kane County will get the deed and then transfer to the Southwest Utah Public Health

The MBA approved a resolution “authorizing the issuance and sale of $10,500,000 lease revenue bonds, series 2010B, to finance in part Public Safety Facilities, including a jail; reaffirming an annual appropriation lease, a master resolution; a ground lease; authorizing security documents and other documents related to the bonds; authorizing the amendment and replacement of the series 2010A bonds to accrue interest prior to January 1, 2011; and related matters.” By doing this, the county will save $85,000 a year.

All items on the consent agenda were approved; six parcel joinders, all on Cedar Mountain and a zone change from C-2 to R-10, also on the Mountain. A business license for an Internet business called EarthImports.com, was approved.

The Justice Court Judge’s term has been changed to six years by state legislation. The change has brought questions on pay. A letter from the State Attorney General’s office said “Their goal is to make sure judges are not underpaid and that Kane County is not in violation of state code.” The commission decided to leave his salary as is.

The commission approved indigent burial pay to Mosdell Mortuary for two burials, one for $1038 and one for $783.

The commission meeting schedule for 2011 was approved. 

 A Special Assessment Subordination Agreement was approved; a declaration of subordination agreement as requested by Ron Murdoch for the parcel involved. Said declaration of subordination in favor of Urban Financial Inc. and authorizes the commission chair to sign said declaration upon approval of the county attorney.

The commission, as the Board of Equalization (BOE), corrected factual errors on three parcels as recommended by County Assessor Linda Little. Mac Robinson, one property holder, said he appreciated the assessor and the commission on the way they handled the correction.

A complex situation came before the commission on the approval of amended Points Subdivision plat. The 45 acres is three years delinquent in taxes. Kevin McLaws is trying to redeem his investment in the subdivision originally owned by three partners. His proposal is an agreement for tax payment on revenue from property sold, but the amended subdivision must be approved first. The commissioners commented that this is a “unique situation and the county does not want to set a precedence.”

The commission will sign the agreement, based on the county attorney’s modification with issues discussed, and will authorize the commission chair to sign.

Mark Habbeshaw abstained, saying, “I agree in principle, but disagree with nine-acre building lots.”  

The Kane County Tourism and Tax Advisory Board (KCTTAB) is proposing an events coordinator to focus on inviting events into Kane County and to work with the Volunteer Services.  Part of the discussion was some kind of alliance with Kanab City. However, it was pointed out that  in the county and the city, politics are different. The commission asked the KCTTAB to develop a job description.

The commission adopted a risk awareness pilot program. The goal of the plan is to reduce the cost of Worker’s Compensation. Kane County is the highest in the state. It is also in preparation for additional workers at the new Public Safety Facility.

The County Seat Sponsorship contract was approved with money out of Tourism, Recreation and Community Culture funding.

Ken Brown, Western Counties Alliance, gave an update on public land use. The Western Counties Alliance members include all of the western states with public lands.  Brown commented that there are concerns and conflicts with several counties about Secure Rural Schools (SRS) funding, along with PILT funding. Apparently, counties outside of Utah have not done what Utah counties have done to channel revenues to avoid offsets.

Commissioner Habbeshaw suggested rather than begging for public funds, they should give us back land and let local governments manage resources.

Brown said Kane County will receive $155,148, which the county splits with the school district and roads. Kane County will also receive $19,940 in place of logging.