The Fredonia Town Council received several updates on Town happenings at Tuesday’s meeting. 

The evening began with Librarian, Lisa Findlay, informing the council of the large increase in patronage of the Fredonia Library.  Visitation has gone from 3,000 plus visitors annually to 11,000 plus visitors annually over the last 4 years.  The substantial growth has caused a need to increase the hours of Tonya Johnson, the Assistant Librarian.  The council was pleased with the library’s success and agreed to the change in hours.

Kevin Hansen presented his ideas for a trail connecting Fredonia to Kanab.  His power point presentation was well accepted, but the council felt it necessary for him to approach ADOT prior to moving forward with the idea. 

The council approved the master plan presented by Becky Douglas for the town park.  With the master plan in place, funding will be sought to begin the various stages necessary to make the dream reality.

The Council was presented with the canvass of election from the March 10 bond election.  The official results were 220 for and 96 against.  As the first vote by mail election in Fredonia, the council was curious how it compared to other elections held.  Town Clerk, Marilyn Johnson, explained the 2006 election had only a 17% voter turn out, while the recent vote by mail had a 47% voter turn out.  The costs were also significantly less with vote by mail at $2.00 per registered voter, opposed to $3.00 for regular election.  The council was pleased with the positive results of the vote by mail election.

Also discussed, were the bid for parking lot resurfacing which the council awarded to Spencer Asphalt.