Residents of Fredonia have surely noticed the large backhoes, stacks of blue pipe, occasional water shut-offs and holes in the roads. The temporary inconveniences are not without reward, however, as strides are being made on Fredonia’s water project. 

One of the key components of the water project that is coming together is the water filtration facility. The filtration system is a vital element to the project, as the current system is not up to ADEQ standards for turbidity and is functioning beyond its capacity.

Turbidity measures the clarity of water. The planned system first uses dual-media filters and then enters the ultraviolet disinfection vessels.

Finally, the water receives a mixed oxidant solution to maintain a chlorine residual. After the entire process, the treated water makes its way to the residents of Fredonia. The system has been designed to not only meet ADEQ standards and community needs currently, but also through the next 20 years.

The dual-media filters for the treatment facility were delivered last week. As the crane carefully lowered each down, contractors insured they fit precisely into place. The large filter media are a significant sign of progress in a huge project.