The Commission noted 57 valid petition signatures from the CMFPD, requesting Board of Trustees members be elected rather than appointed, at the March 23, Kane County Commission meeting.  The number is well over the required ten percent.   

The next step is to hold public hearings and allow for comments.  The commission authorized the County Attorney Jim Scarth to proceed to the next step of this petition.

 Rhonda Gant, Human Services, discussed Rest Meal Periods for the Road Department.

The county policy will be followed and it basically says, elected officials can modify lunch periods to one half hour as long as departments are covered with business hours 8 to 5.  Break times are not in the same category as Rest Meals.  The Road Department works 10 hours a day and they pack their lunch because they work out in field.

County Planner Gary Smith presented two items approved by the Planning Commission.

Zion Ridge Phase II has completed design and construction specifications.   The commission approved release of Lot 36 since they are in compliance.

 Smith also had the revision of Chapter 2 from the Subdivision and Planned Unit Development Ordinance that was approved. The revision deals with existing dry subdivisions. Commissioner Heaton commented, “I understand the need, but this really grinds on me that we have to take this kind of action.”

 The commission approved a six-month extension on a bond for Brent Robinson.  Robinson was hopeful the county would consider modifying the original agreement, specifically the fire hydrant.  Because of Utah Wild Land Urban Interface Code requirements, the county could not alter fire hydrant requirement.

 The methods, rules and procedures for the Tax Sale Ordinance 2009-1 were approved.

 Ed Shaw of Boss Engineering updated the commission on the proposed sewer system in Big Water by the Glen Canyon SSD.   They plan to begin construction this summer.  The commissioners agreed this sewer system will aid growth in Big Water.  There is concern for hardship funding for some lot holders. 

It was suggested they work with Five County organization.  The county will have no financial liability, however, they will send a support letter from the county to they CIB, Community Impact Board.

 The State of Utah, Department of Natural Resources, is requesting a road relocation and temporary closure of Coal Hollow Road.  Before the county takes any action, they will check on access for cattlemen and RS2477 rights.  Lou Pratt was assigned to make necessary contacts with all entities affected.

 Kaneplex use by the private sector was discussed.  Commissioner Heaton wants to encourage more use and more events.  Commissioner Hulet indicated the biggest obstacle is funding and the road.  The road needs to be paved to accommodate bus tours.  The county will pursue options and check with Kanab City.

 The Municipal Building Authority met, went over contracts and bids.  The ground breaking was 11 a.m. March 24, at the airport.

 Alan Alldredge, Emergency Management Services Director, gave his quarterly update on training and grants.  The commission approved his Homeland Security Grant application for Reverse 911 services in the county.

 A business license was approved for Mountain Sheds and More in Duck Creek.