The commission approved separately three out of  four proposed changes to the Kane County Land Use Ordinance. There was much discussion with each passing, but without a unanimous vote.  Residential Rec R-9 was changed to Rec R-10, Rec R-18 to Rec R-20 and Rec R-36 to Rec R-40.

Commissioner Mark Habbeshaw said he does support realigning 10 acres. He supports R-10, but not R-20. Commissioner Doug Heaton felt the way it is written now is clarification to the existing ordinance.

Commissioners Heaton and Daniel Hulet voted aye, with Habbeshaw voting nay.

Verbiage added to the zoning ordinance: “Any use not named in this table which may be considered harmonious with the zone and current allowed uses can be considered for proposed inclusion into the ordinance by the Kane County land Use Commission in a public hearing and approval of the County Commission.

Commissioner Habbeshaw said, “The language is misleading.” He suggested rewording for clarity, stating the “public has a right to request a change in an ordinance.”

Commissioners Hulet and Habbeshaw voted aye and Heaton nay.

Another change in verbiage to the zoning ordinance: “Any use not named in this table which may be considered harmonious with the zone and current allowed uses can be considered for proposed inclusion into the ordinance...” This will change for higher density in the one to three mile section surrounding a municipality. Both Hulet and Habbeshaw expressed concern about higher density. Habbeshaw said, “I predict within the next three to five years, the county will not be able to pay for services for higher density.” 

All three commissioners voted nay.

The next addition is in connection with the above and is the creation of a Residential-1 (R-1).  The R-1 zone will accommodate the zoning usages allowed under the former FR-1 and RE-1 zones. Habbeshaw again expressed his concern about density. County Assessor Linda Little was asked if increased tax revenue would pay for the impact. Little answered, “I think it would.”

Commissioner Habbeshaw quoted a recent Iron County study that revenue does not cover all services.

Commissioners Heaton and Hulet voted aye and Habbeshaw nay.

Bids were opened for the Dormer Project, a budgeted upstairs remodel of the courthouse. Commissioner Heaton recused himself and left because he had submitted a bid. Three bids received by the deadline were opened. The bids were very diverse. At first the commissioners wondered if they should reject the bids and submit a new Request for Proposal (RFP). The representative from Ray Brothers, who submitted a bid, said the RFP was very vague and there were no specs. “If you put it out again, people will know what I bid. I checked with the courthouse on exactly what was wanted and my bid reflects that.”

After studying the RFP wording published in the newspaper and discussing the legality with the county attorney, the bid was awarded to Ray Brothers for $55,675, with Hulet and Habbeshaw voting aye and Commissioner Heaton excused.

The commission approved $750 for the 2011 budget to Dixie State College for an E-Smart Summer Camp Scholarship. Ten middle school age girls at $75 per student will be eligible for the two-day camp which will cover science, technology and math.  Commissioner Hulet and Habbeshaw aye and Heaton abstained.

Resource Committee members Jim Matson, Byard Kershaw, Bill May and Bob Wallen have been reviewing maps, etc. so that Kane County will be able to respond to the Glen Canyon Off Road Vehicle Management Plan by the deadline, which was extended to November 30, 2010 for comments.

The commission approved Resolution 2010 -19, a BLM right of way grant for the Alton by-pass. Commissioner Habbeshaw said he was okay with the Title V and that papers need to be set up right for the county crew to maintain.

The commission also approved the renewal of the RP&P with the BLM for the Kanab/Kane County shooting range north of Kanab.

The commission reconvened the Board of Equalization (BOE).  Assessor Linda Little said that the current ordinance has some flaws and is vague on time lines. Dates need to be clarified.  She was asked to do it and come back with the problems fixed.

During the BOE, Assessor Little had recommendations for several claims that dealt with primary residency rather than secondary, factual errors, refunds, etc.

The commission approved the Canyon Land revised impress account agreement between Kane County and Canyon Lands Development LLC. The agreed work was completed and the retention amount of $545,742 will be released.

The consent agenda was approved with quite a few parcel joinders, mostly on Cedar Mountain.