On Tuesday, November 16, Kane County Hospital hosted over 125 of their closest friends to a Dutch oven luncheon. Approximately 75 of our guests were past and present auxiliary members, most of whom have offered their time at the Thrift Store. We were also able to serve the Long Term Care residents and employees.

All of this was in celebration of a cumulative donation of over $1,000,000 made by the Thrift Store since its inception in 1989. Some of the founding members attended, which added to the “stars” of our banquet.

Past and present members were served a traditional Dutch oven meal of roast beef, Dutch oven potatoes, rolls, salad and desert.

Current hospital board members Dottie Ratzlaff, Karen Alvey, Debbie Fox, Carol Sullivan, Doyle Swallow and Gene Drake, and staff members Pat Robinson and Laurali Noteman served the honored guests.

KCH dietary department baked the dinner rolls and Sherrie Pandya and Stephen Howells tended the ovens. There was a slight glitch with the potatoes, but Shirley Smith came to the rescue.

Clean-up was a whole other challenge. Time frames ran short and the above group was also in charge of decorating and clean-up. Unfortunately, we were running behind in the clean area. The Good Time Community Theater performers showed up and found us trying to get out of their way. They just pitched right in and helped with clean-up. They were great.

The event coordinator, Karen Alvey, chose the theme of “Our Star Performers.” Each attendee received a “clapboard” key chain. Photos were taken and will be ready to pick up at the Thrift Store Tuesday, November 23.

It was a great event, a greater lunch and a wonderful reason to get together with old friends. There were smiles everywhere. Kane County Hospital wanted to honor their “stars,” and let them know we recognize how much they have given and that they are appreciated.