At the Kane County Commission October 25 meeting, Chairman Doug Heaton acknowledged Sheriff Bill Pribil of the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Pribil presented a plaque to the commissioners in appreciation of the communities of Kane County and Kanab for their support and generosity during the search for the alleged suspect who shot and killed Kane County Deputy Brian Harris.

The plaque is in memory of Deputy Harris and also in honor of all the men and women of the Kane County Sheriff’s Office.

Pribil stated, “It was amazing how the communities of this area came together.” He said the feeling of love and support was overwhelming and is something he will never forget. We should be proud of all our communities.

Commissioners Heaton, Habbleshaw and Hulet accepted the plaque and thanked Sheriff Pribil on behalf of the citizens of Kane County.

County Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson stated the impressive plaque would be on display for public view at the Kane County Offices. Sheriff Pribil said he would be presenting a plaque to Fredonia as well.

Public Safety Facility: Commissioner Hulet announced it is progressing as planned, and invited the public to drive out and see it as it is “nicely set up.”

Municipal Building Authority (MBA): Kane County Clerk Karla Johnson addressed some legal issues to be resolved concerning the legal description of road easements accessing and through the Kaneplex.

The issues involve the Special Service District, Kane County and the MBA. Johnson said the jail would be owned by the MBA. The paperwork to correct the issues was signed by the commissioners.

Commissioner Doug Heaton received a letter from the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) in Salt Lake City.  The contents of the letter created a lengthy discussion between the three commissioners, Human Resources Director Rhonda Gant, and Justice Court Judge Kirk Heaton.

The letter states, “Each year the AOC is required by statute to provide each county with salary parameters for your justice court judges. UCA 78A-7-206 stipulates that a full-time justice court judge’s salary must not be less that 50% nor more than 90% of a district court judge’s salary which is $132,150. The caseload percentage of the Kane County Justice Court for this year is .35, or 35% of a full time workload. Therefore, the salary of your judge must be between $23,126 and $41,627.”

“The calculation provided offers only a baseline at which your judge must be compensated; the length of service, the experience of the judge in your court and other additional services your judge provides should lead to individualized salary discussions.”

Judge Heaton said his salary is based on yearly caseloads. He is not classified as full-time, but along with other phases of the community services he provides, it does contribute to full-time hours.

Rhonda Gant stated the only time a judge’s salary can be adjusted is at the time of retention. There is a formula, by caseload that is used to determine that salary. Judge Heaton’s term as the Kane County Justice Court Judge ends in December. His name is on the ballot for retention.

Since past decisions have created varying complications re: caseload, salary, and services to the community Commissioner/Chairman Douglas Heaton asked Kane County Attorney James Scarth to do a further baseline research on this situation and the results be put on a future agenda. Resolution # 2010-16 requesting the recertification of the Kane County Justice Court was approved.

The commissioners approved a grade increase for Pat Shirley of the attorney’s office that had already been allowed in the county’s budget.

The commissioners decided based and following the Consumer Price Index there will be no Cost Of Living Adjustments (COLA) to county employees this year.

Rhonda Gant presented the proposed rates of the County Employees Medical Insurance and stated premium rates must be reviewed every year. The county provides full benefits to its employees.

Select Health Insurance is the county’s provider with 100% non-contributing premiums paid by the county.

Commissioner Habbeshaw congratulated the Employees Medical Insurance Committee on doing a great job in reviewing this program. Dave Owens was in attendance as a representative of the committee. The commissioners approved the Medical Plan.

The Commercial Lease Agreement for the Volunteer Center at 176 S 100 E in Kanab was approved for a period of two years at $450 per month.

Consent Agenda: A business license was approved for Duck Creek Power Sports Inc. of Duck Creek Village. The company will rent snowmobiles, ATV’s, canoes and mountain bikes.

Land Use: A zone change for Zion Mountain Resort and two parcel joinders in Ponderosa Village were approved.

Work meeting: Dave Ferguson appeared before the commissioners to discuss the feasibility of a countywide fire district.

The next Kane County Commissioners meeting is scheduled for November 8, 2010.