Sheriff Bill Pribil attended the Fredonia Town Council meeting last week to present the town with a plaque from the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office. The heartfelt presentation gave kudos to the community for its generosity and kindness during the manhunt in August.

Sheriff Pribil stated, “I wanted to come acknowledge the generosity of the town during a tragic event. I believe you opened your hearts, it was wide spread and overwhelming.” He felt the some three hundred officers involved were each touched by the spirit of the community.

Sheriff Pribil presented the plaque, which reads:  Presented to the Fredonia Community for the support and comfort provided to the law enforcement community during the tragic death of Brian Harris. Your kindness and compassion will never be forgotten.  With deepest gratitude, Sheriff Bill Pribil and the men and women of the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, August 2010.

Mayor Heaton expressed his gratitude to Sheriff Pribil for the plaque, as well as for all the help during the situation. He thanked him and the other officers involved for helping keep the community safe. “The officers were wonderful,” he stated.

The plaque will be on display at the Fredonia Town Office for the community to enjoy.

Town manager Dan Watson presented the Planning and Zoning Commission recommendations. They recommended adding recycling facilities to the list of uses for industrial zoned properties, with a Conditional Use Permit. The council approved the recommendation.

Next they recommended issuing a Conditional Use Permit to Milton Hammon for a metal recycling facility on his Kaibab Steel Property.  The council approved the recommendation on the condition that if it changes to anything more than a metal recycling facility, a new Conditional Use Permit must be applied for.

Finally, council again discussed the Fredonia Humane Society building transfer of ownership. Watson told the council he had forwarded the agreement presented at the last meeting to the town attorneys for review. The attorneys had a few concerns and would make changes accordingly and then return it to Watson.

The council expressed their concerns about allowing Fredonia High School to continue paying utilities on the building as stated in the agreement for “no less than six months.” Watson did not feel it was an issue, but would discuss it with the attorneys to make sure it did not put the town in a bad situation.