The Fredonia Town Council meeting began with public comment by Traci Heaton.  She excitedly told council,  “The site’s done!” She has been working for several months with a web designer on the town’s new website. She and the committee decided on several important aspects to be included in the site, and worked diligently to get it going. The new site will include applications and forms, fee explanations, contact to council and the mayor, as well as agendas and minutes of public meetings, and more. The site is scheduled to launch this week.

The council thanked Heaton for her hard work. The council, mayor and town employees viewed the temporary site and were impressed. She explained the web designer quoted $500, but the site completed was worth approximately $4,000. The designer did not realize the extent of the site and the many pages to be involved, but honored his $500 quote. The site name will be, but will change to a .gov address in the near future.

Town Manager Dan Watson informed the council new Deputy Marshal John Lukus will graduate on December 9. Council member Jennifer Lukus was very pleased he made it through half of his Police Academy training so far and looked forward to attending her husband’s graduation.

Watson then discussed land splits with the council.  He said a protocol needs to be put in place for the town at the county level. Currently, the town requires council approval for land splits, which the county complies with. However, if a piece of land is deeded to someone, the county does not require the same town process, simply because the town has not yet put the requirement in place.  Watson stated the code regarding land splits would need to be sent to the county so that even if a piece of property is deeded, if the deed requires a split, the owner will have to comply with the same land split regulations (i.e. council approval.) 

If a property is deeded, causing a split without permission by the council, no building permits will be issued on said property until the owner complies with town requirements.

Barry Judd was present to request a land split for Milo McCowan. The property to be split, located just north of Pop’s Wash, was purchased by McCowan from Judd and his partners. Currently, McCowan has paid for the 50 acres located on the east side of Hwy 89A, as well as a portion of the property on the west side. The split is necessary for McCowan to retain ownership of the acreage he paid for, avoiding foreclosure on the total property. The ownership of the remaining piece would revert back to Judd and his partners.   

Watson informed the council he had spoken with the attorneys regarding this matter and concluded that when a parcel changes hands, the new owner can split the land regardless of whether it was split by the previous owner, as long as the two owners are not working in concert. In light of this information, the council agreed to allow the land split to avoid foreclosure on McCowan.

Waylon Robinson was hired to fill the new Public Works position. The position was made available in preparation of the pending November 2011 retirement of Public Works Director Jay Mackelprang.

The Fredonia Humane Society building was discussed. An agreement was to be brought to the council regarding the transfer of ownership to the town. Watson read an e-mailed “contract” to the council from Tom Corrigan, president of the Fredonia Humane Society. In the e-mail, the town would agree to maintain the building as a no kill animal shelter for 10 years. FHS would pay for utilities to the building “for no less than six months.” The council concurred that the town attorney should review the agreement prior to any signatures to insure the town was protected. The issue will be readdressed at the October 26 council meeting.

Watson informed the council that Officer Jarrett Douglass of the Marshal’s Office would be leaving Fredonia to join I.C.E. in early November. An academy position will be open in January, so the application process, including testing, should be started now. The council agreed to begin the process.

The next Fredonia Town Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 26.