The Kane County Human Resources Special Service District Hospital Governing Board Meeting was held on September 30, 2010.

Hospital Administrator Sherrie Pandya announced LeeAnne Chamberlain had developed a décor for the nursing unit day room. The money donated from the auxiliary will cover all of the costs except the new flooring. The employees volunteered to do some fundraisers to contribute to the flooring costs if the board would approve funding. A detailed model showed how the day room would look with new lounge chairs, drapes, an electrical fireplace, plus the new paint job. The project met with the board’s approval and they agreed it would create a more pleasant atmosphere for the patients and their family.

Chairperson for the Kane County Hospital Foundation Kathleen Salter announced the brochure now in circulation was totally paid for from advertisements and donations. The foundation has received several donations from the city itself and will launch their official fundraiser campaign in November. Salter said Pandya has been extremely helpful in guiding the foundation as to just what the hospital needs.

As a “top priority,” and in response to the nursing department’s request, the foundation has chosen to purchase 10 patient room sleepover chairs for acute care (replacing the roll-away beds currently used for family members) as its first fundraising goal. The chairs will be of benefit to the patient as well, said Salter.

The foundation will begin a fund-drive starting November 10, 2010, to raise $35,000 to purchase the sleepover chairs. Salter stated the project would be a community effort “and take another step to providing first-class care in a first-class facility for the whole family.” Donations of any amount would gratefully be accepted. Salter commented to make a strong case for the need to contribute to the fund-drive. It would be of immense value if we can state that we are receiving strong support from the hospital community. She asked the board members and hospital employees to pledge a donation in any amount $1 to $3,500 to help with this worthy cause.

Commissioner Daniel Hulet announced he received information on the one-year to five-year action plan for the CIB (Citizens Improvement Board). Paperwork needs to be submitted by October 18. Pandya thought only requests for structural improvements would be considered, not purchases for equipment. If the hospital projects are not listed on the submitted paperwork, “we cannot apply for CIB funds.” Pandya added, “In the planning meeting (the boards), we discussed the deletion and addition of several items, i.e. delete the additional power supply and add a new roof for the hospital.”  

Hulet stated the hospital budgeted PILT (Payment In Lieu of Taxes) money is safe for another year. (The PILT monies were designated to the Kane County Hospital at the time the hospital was established as a Special Service District.)

Hulet’s term expires in a few months, and he suggested the board might want to think about recommending one of the other commissioners as his replacement.

Dr. Ott announced the medical staff have reviewed applications for courtesy medical staff privileges (visiting doctors) and approved the following: Dr. Alexey Ryskin, a Pain Management Specialist from St. George, who will visit Kanab once or twice a month replacing Dr. Hansen. Dr. Ryskin and P.A. Todd Stirling will be working together. Dr. Abraham Tomco will cover the emergency room, in-patient care, and long-term care once a month, replacing Dr. Joseph Neilson, who has completed his residency. The board approved both doctors’ requests.

According to Chief Financial Officer Stephen Howells, the hospital is doing a little better than budgeted. The hospital’s legal fees since January 2009 are just over $200,000 of which $100,000 is for the year 2010. 

Member Karen Alvey said a big celebration will be scheduled in the near future in honor of the Hospital Auxiliary but it is a surprise. Alvey and the board want to honor all past and present auxiliary members. Pandya said she has found minutes for the auxiliary dating back to 1983. 

Pandya stated the contractors are in the process of preparing the heliport and oxygen tank pads for pouring the cement base. Completion is scheduled for the first part of November, weather permitting.

The annual EMT conference in Salt Lake City is scheduled for November 17-19. Kane County has approximately 60 Emergency Medical Technicians servicing the Valley, Big Water, Cedar Mountain, Orderville, Alton, Kanab and Fredonia. Pandya announced the hospital would pay the costs, about $25,000, for approximately 28 of the active EMTs attending the conference. The board gave their approval. 

Pandya addressed the need to replace the 20-25 year old stove for the dietary department. It came from the old hospital and was a used piece of equipment at the time it was purchased. A new six-burner, one standard oven with one convection oven model will cost about $6,500. The board gave their approval.

Pandya informed the board some hospital policy updates needed the final approval of the board re: The decontamination policy, an employee training policy and a computer e-mail policy. The board reviewed, discussed and approved the updates.