On Thursday, October 7, Fredonia Marshal Jarrett Douglass responded to a stolen vehicle call.  Allegedly, a 17 year old from Abundant Life Academy in Kanab walked away from the school and stole a small blue pick-up truck with a full tank of gas. He headed southbound on Highway 89A through Fredonia, where Officer Douglass began his pursuit. 

As Officer Douglass turned on his lights, the juvenile’s foot got heavy and the situation quickly turned into a high speed chase. The juvenile began driving erratically, swerving into the other lane at speeds up to 100 mph. In the interest of safety, Officer Douglass turned off his lights and backed away a bit, continuing to follow at a safe distance. Arizona DPS and other Fredonia Marshals joined the pursuit as the chase continued up the mountain toward Jacob Lake. 

The chase became more perilous as the juvenile and chain of law enforcement vehicles navigated the switchbacks off the Kaibab toward Marble Canyon. The National Park Service and Coconino County Sheriffs were notified of the situation and quickly mobilized to assist Officer Douglass and DPS.

As the pursuit moved off the mountain, Coconino County Sheriffs and Arizona DPS Officers prepared spike strips to slow the stolen vehicle from the other side. At mile post 542, South of Cliff Dwellers, the chase came to a halt as the suspect drove over the spike strips, disabling the vehicle.  After veering to the left side of the highway, the juvenile exited the vehicle, giving himself up. He was then transported to the Flagstaff juvenile detention facility.

Fortunately, the pursuit ended with no injuries or damages.