A little over a year ago, anchorman Dick Nourse retired after 43 years of reporting the news at KSL in Salt Lake City, but he shows no signs of slowing down. Now a Saint George resident, he spends much of his time promoting Dixie State College (DSC) and the Southern Utah area.

In 2008, DSC established the Dick Nourse Media Center for its Communications department.  According to Nourse, one of his major roles with the college is publicity. “I’ve become sort of the voice of Dixie State College, which I love doing.” He plans to work one-on-one with students, as well, sharing his experience and answering questions regarding the communications industry.

Nourse is now working with DSC on a film called Return to Little Hollywood, a documentary about the film industry’s history in Kane County. “As a kid growing up, the westerns in the 40s and 50s were my movies,” he recalls. “I’ve always loved westerns. Then it got to a point that I could go back and see where a lot of those westerns were filmed.”

Hollywood producers shot nearly 300 movies and television series in the region, especially around the city of Kanab, including Western Union, Have Gun—Will Travel, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Gunsmoke.

Nourse has an appreciation for the area’s beautiful landscape. “It is gorgeous country still, so there are many, many movies that could be made there,” he said. “They asked me to narrate this particular film on trying to entice Hollywood back to [Kanab], not only for westerns—I think the demand for westerns is pretty much over—but just moviemaking in general, getting it back to Kanab.”

He added, “[We need] to let people know what really went on there and what movies were made and attract the tourism, which eventually might attract Hollywood again. That’s our thought, anyway, on it.”

When asked what Southern Utah has to offer film producers besides the scenery, Nourse responded, “The people. There is still that old pioneering spirit you find throughout the state as you travel. You find [the people] welcoming—the good meals and the generosity, and someone is always there to care. I think that [pioneering attitude] still prevails throughout the state. I really do.”

Return to Little Hollywood, a combined effort between DSC and Kane County’s Center for Education, Business and Arts, will be released in late spring 2009.