The Kane County Hospital Auxiliary recently reached its $1,000,000 milestone in contributions to the hospital. Proceeds from sales generated by the Auxiliary Thrift Shop are designated to purchase equipment etc. for the hospital.

It has taken 20 years to accomplish, requiring the efforts of a multitude of dedicated volunteers both past and present who are to numerous to name.

Without those volunteers who have unselfishly given countless hours of their time and efforts to the Auxiliary, plus the hard work of the paid part-time shop managers this amazing goal could not have been obtained.

Purpose and perseverance paid off in the amount of $1,000,000 to show for their efforts! Visualize what a million dollars of used/donated clothing and household goods would look like. It would be stacks and stacks of “stuff.” The workers and managers sort through the stuff for saleable items, price them and put them out in the shop for display giving the customers an opportunity to buy the items at a low price. 

Throughout the years, the Thrift Shop has been able to provide the hospital with equipment and needed items that may be considered out of range of the hospital budget. Here are just a few of the purchased items: ambulance heart monitor and other equipment for the EMT’S, a reclining wheel chair, birthing bed, fetal monitor, CO2 monitor, stove and clothes dryer, computer, dictation equipment, cellular phones for on-call personal, an endoscope, TV’s and games for the Skilled Nursing Center, baby gifts, monies for the new ambulance, also assistance to the various departments of the hospital and much more. The most visible is the Thrift Shop building – it is a debt free asset to the hospital. The most recent contribution by the Auxiliary: monies to be used towards the construction of the Hospital Heliport.

The Hospital Auxiliary Volunteer Organization was formed in 1989 by a group of civic-minded citizens to assist the hospital. In 1990, a Thrift Shop was created as a means of turning discards to dollars to benefit the hospital. Some of the members were apprehensive and thought it would never last, but last it did.

There have been 12 volunteers elected as an Auxiliary President.  The position is similar to a chief executive officer or CEO. It is their responsibility to oversee the Thrift Shop operations, provide supervision of the managers and maintain the general appearance of the shop in the best interest of the hospital.

Past presidents: 1990 Ed Thatcher, 1991 Thayne Smith, 1992 Jesse Johnson, 1993 Larry Little, 1994 Ruth Koontz, 1995/1996 Mary Craven, 1996/2000 Emma Norton, 2001/2002 Ila Hansen, 2003/2004 Rose Magowan, 2005/2006 Joyce Ross, 2007/2008 Estelle Brisson, 2009/2010 Emma Norton.

An example of volunteer hours: three hours a week for 52 weeks =156 hours a year. 156 hours times 20 years = 3,120 hours. The Auxiliary has 28 members. If you multiply 3,120 for one volunteer, by the Auxiliary’s 28 volunteers it is 87,360 hours over the 20-year period. Some volunteers donate quite a bit more time than just three hours weekly. Volunteers contribute time to the Thrift Shop and various other departments of the hospital.

The Kane County Hospital Auxiliary is an integral part of the hospital. The Auxiliary operates under the hospital’s tax-exempt status as an independent special service district and uses the hospital’s Internal Revenue Service Tax ID, with the hospital filing the appropriate tax returns.

All insurance and bonding is provided by the hospital. The hospital has legal title to all assets used by or generated by the Auxiliary. The Auxiliary exists for the hospital.

In 1995, after relocating the shop facilities a total of five times, the Auxiliary accumulated enough funds to pay for the materials to build at its permanent location.

Mike Sinclair, the Hospital Administrator at that time, organized the project. With the county commission’s approval and support, the new Thrift Shop was constructed on the site of the former travel council building. The old building was demolished and the construction of the Thrift Shop began.

It was at a time when the Kaibab Sawmill had laid off workers. The Thrift Shop construction project was used as part of the Job Service Displaced Employee Programs of Utah and Arizona Retraining Program. Karen Alvey was the Work Service Director.  Construction was completed in December of 1995.   

The Auxiliary Thrift Shop is a self-supporting operation, responsible for paying the shop expenses and the wages of the part-time managers.

The Auxiliary treasurer maintains the checking account and records of all the monies received through sales of donated items. After shop expenses are deducted, deposits are made to the Utah Public Treasurers Investment Fund (PTIF) for use by the hospital as needed with the approval of the Auxiliary and the Hospital Administrator.

The Auxiliary has received many positive comments on the appearance of the shop; “It doesn’t smell and it is clean.” A tourist who regularly passes through Kanab stated he always stops at the Thrift Store because they have such good deals.

An example of the average amount of customers visiting the shop: in 2009 there were 16,755. Using that number times 20 years = 335,100 customers. That is approximately the amount of customers who have purchased the items enabling the Thrift Shop to reach the $1,000,000 milestone.

The accomplishments of the Auxiliary could not have been possible without the continued support and generosity of the citizens of Kane County and Fredonia; this project is truly a community success story. The Auxiliary offers you a special  “Thank you!”