During the town manager report, Dan Watson informed council that the state visited to review the status of the energy grant awarded to the town. They were so pleased with the Solar Bee project (solar aerators at the sewer lagoon and reservoir), that they were actually using it as a model for other communities. 

They were also impressed with the lighting project and the time in which it was being completed. The entire project should be done within the next week or so.

Watson then told council the state would like the town to be prepared with another energy project in case there is extra funding available. He felt it would probably be a small sum if any, but he will look into other projects just in case.

Watson received notification from the governor’s office that another grant was going to be available. The grant was specifically for public safety. He will apply for the grant requesting funding for turnout gear and improved communication for the fire department as well as funding for the Spillman software for the Marshal’s Office.

Waston told the council about a concept resident Dixon Spendlove brought to him.  Spendlove has been thinking about the possibility of using the Welcome Center to display his collection, and other resident collections, as a sort of museum. It could be a point of interest in the community. The council felt this to be a good idea and encouraged further research into it.

The first agenda item was the tank refurbishment project bid award.  Mike from Sunrise Engineering was present to make the suggestion. This was the second time the project has been bid because the first contractor awarded, Royalty, was unable to secure the necessary bond. Six bids were received with Heritage Roofing as the apparent low bidder. 

Heritage would be the general contractor, with Royalty (the previously awarded contractor) as the subcontractor. Mike stated that with Royalty as the “sub,” they would not have the same bond issue. Mike then explained, however, that Heritage Roofing was not currently-licensed in Arizona. He informed the council that they were currently in the application process and should be licensed by mid-October.

Council member Cody Judd expressed his concern, “I hate to award a bid to someone who’s not licensed right now in the State of Arizona.”

Mike suggested they accept the contractor with the stipulation that they receive an Arizona License.  The council agreed.

Tom Corrigan, President of Fredonia Humane, was present telephonically to discuss the humane building on town property. Corrigan stated he had spoken with his board and they decided to sign over the building, with the stipulation that it be used as an animal shelter.

Council member Tony Zaccaria stated that he would like written into the agreement the end date to that stipulation. 

The council and Corrigan agreed to hand the issue over to the attorneys for the details to be worked out. 

The agreement will be signed at the September 28, 2010 meeting. Corrigan agreed to vacate the building by October 4, 2010.

The public works position was then discussed. The town received more applications than anticipated, and were unable to review them all and conduct interviews prior to the meeting. 

The council agreed to form a board consisting of Cody Judd, Tony Zaccaria, Bayden Grover, Jay Mackelprang and Dan Watson to review the applicants and perform the interviews. A recommendation would be brought to the September 28 meeting.