Kenton Call, Dixie National Forest, and Jim Matson, RAC Chairman, indicated the RAC is looking for input on possible projects as part of Title II.  Possible projects are watershed, road maintenance, etc. December 7 is the next RAC meeting in the Garfield County Courthouse.

The Dixie National Forest has a Motorized Travel Plan they are implementing. Maps are available at the Travel Council. Some routes are now closed. Commissioner Doug Heaton expressed concern that so many roads have been closed. The commission looks at the multiple use concept.

The commission approved the budget opening request as presented by Kane County of Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson. There were three adjusted expenditures and three revenues.

After a discussion of Harris Springs Ranch zoning violation of the land use ordinance, the commission moved to request the county attorney to handle this matter in regards to parcel 8-7-27-3 in the land use ordinance violation.  Prior notifications by the county have been ignored by Mr. Da LaPaz.

On the Alton Coal Road update by Lou Pratt and Bert Harris, the bid was awarded to Cindy Taylor Trucking, with the understanding a bond needed to be in by Wednesday or the job will be awarded to the next lowest bidder.

The Vermillion Cliffs Chip Seal bid award went to JDM Rock and Sand for $103,945.

The commission approved a contract with Chad Booth’s “At Your Leisure,” (AYL) for five features for 2011 at a cost of $86,900.  AYL has more exposure with additional network from 1.2 million households to 32 million households.

On personnel items, Bert Harris, Road Maintenance Director, was removed from the exempt status for overtime. A job description, time and motion study was approved. There are many complexities of equity being researched, as well as longevity.

A motion to award Brian Harris’ heirs 25% sick leave to go toward a COBRA policy to cover his family for a few months.

The MBA met for their update on the Public Safety Facility. Deputy Tracy Glover’s report was short because the department was involved in the manhunt, etc. The county is still negotiating with Kanab City on impact fees, auger, and building permit.

They passed Resolution 2010-2, which is part of the agreement with the USDA. “A resolution authorizing and providing for the incurrence of indebtedness for the purpose of providing a portion of the cost of acquiring, constructing, enlarging, improving, and/or extending its public safety facility to serve an area lawfully within its jurisdiction to serve.”

The MBA received four bids for the Bullfrog duplex. The MBA will investigate qualifications before making a decision.

The commission approved the ongoing annual Senior Citizens Contract for the Council on Aging for $8,300.  

Tax issues on parcel 8-9-13-2a were resolved by removal of the tax list since the parcel is non-existing. A request for a hardship on parcel 4-5-10-1a was denied due to lack of required information.

The Board of Equalization (BOA) met and approved a partial tax refund for 2009 taxes because the home in Orderville, is a primary residence, not secondary.  The BOA approved a refund for overpaid taxes to 0-25-1A

The election lawsuit by William Bernard will cost the county $16,000 to rent machines, plus personnel time. The county machines cannot be used until the case is resolved and an election is approaching.

Several items were postponed until the next meeting.