The sound of sirens echoing up the valley, the hum of motorcycles and heavy boots on pavement.

The sound of flags rippling, snapping on the breeze.

The sound of footsteps gathering on turf, whispered voices, stifled sobs.

The roar of the fire engines. The steady rolling of the hearse.

The sound of airplanes on the horizon, louder as they approach the flight over the departed.

The sound of guns saluting the heroic man.

The sound of silent reverence, stronger than a thunder roll.

Finally, the sound of the voice on the last dispatch.

The sound of respect has no defining words, but rather the soft whispered voices echoing the

heartbeats of all who revered the name of Brian Harris.

Silence, as peace fills the air and sunlight warms the soul.

And his memories flood the mind with sounds of his laughter, and his deep commitment to serve us all.

The sounds of a hero’s departure.