Anyone wondering whether or not the young people in this community have talent had their question answered with a resounding “yes” March 19,  during the first round of Junior Small Town Idol at CR Diner in Fredonia.  Fifteen teens and tweens wowed the audience as they showcased their beautiful voices. 

These young stars had it a little rough however, as it was decided during the adult competition, the judges weren’t critical enough with their comments; the idea being the criticism could be used to help the competitors improve.  Hopefully, the talented youngsters can take the comments and use them to really grow as performers.

Eliminations were on Friday with Tia Smith, Jimmy Goldstein, Destiny Torgerson, Haley Reidhead, Celeste Mognett, Haley Cardello, Bailey Lathim, Savannah Andrew, Chelsea Grove, Brooke Barber, Mickey Romano and Andrea Fisher moving on to the next round.

The 12 semi-finalists will be rocking out for “Rock Week” on March 19, at 6 p.m. AZ time at CR Diner in Fredonia.  Come support your favorite young star!