On capping salaries at $45,000, Commissioner Doug Heaton said, “Capping some individuals is not a good idea.” The commission and employee committee will pursue a professional study on job descriptions and market analysis. They hope the study will help the county resolve long-term issues, staffing, longevity and elected officials’ salaries.

The commission rescinded the $45,000 salary cap and approved a wage increase for Lloyd Millet, and to compensate retroactively the following whose salaries had been capped: Dave Owens, Ray Chavez, Bert Harris and Lou Pratt. They also requested a parity study of elected officials.

Mikel Sharp, SLC, updated the commission on the employee benefits program for Kane County employees. Sharp said, “time, training and experience by employees is valuable. They stay because of benefits.  Investment in benefits makes a happier and more productive staff.”  He added, “Kane County is fortunate. You have an excellent insurance committee and we all agree it is a public trust.”

Commissioner Daniel Hulet responded, “We’re fortunate, our employees have done a good job in keeping rates down.”

Taxpayers will be able to pay their property taxes by credit card this year. The commissioners approved a contract with a company, provided red flag requirements are addressed by the provider. 

Chris McCourt, Alton Coal, requested help with labor and equipment to upgrade the Alton Road and Upper Alton Road, about five miles. He will supply the rock and requested the county haul. The road crossed 1/4 mile of BLM land, which means the county will file for Quiet Title.

Ken Sizemore, Five County Association of Governments, said as of July 1, the RSVP was turned over to the county. He needs to close his budget and he is still receiving submitted expenses. Sizemore and the commission will make their recommendations on each issue. Each will submit to the other and then a conference call to work out the details.

BLM Field Office Manager Harry Barber explained what he and Commissioner Hulet were suggesting for the Shooting Range lease. The area has been realigned to avoid archaeology sites. Hulet said, “Harry has worked hard to get us where we are now, which is where we need to be.”

At Barber’s recommendation, the county will renew under the old lease of 30 years with a new plan of development. The county will then have one year to determine how everything will be laid out and then they can patent.

The commission approved Land Use Administrator Gary Smith’s request to move from full to part time as of October 10. 2010.

Resolution 2010-12 was passed approving the adoption by he municipal building authority of Kane County, Utah, of parameters resolution authorizing notice of not more than $18,000,000 lease revenue bonds, in multiple series for public safety facilities and related maters.

Chad Booth, of the TV show At Your Leisure, said with new contracts, they have access to a lot more people, 32 million on Direct TV. This year, he would like to do mini-documentaries of historical itineraries with a goal for tourist destination in Kane County. At Your Leisure airs on ABC 4 at 11 p.m. on Saturday and at 9 a.m. on Sunday.

During the MBA, Deputy Sheriff Tracy Glover and Layton Engineering updated the commissioners on the progress of the Public Safety Facility. A soil test resulted in the county not being able to use nearby soil for structural fill. They will have to haul soil in. Glover reported the Bacon and Davis Wages, part of the USDA requirement, will cost the county an additional $150,000. Layton agrees to absorb $50,000 and the county will absorb the rest.

Resolution 2010-1 was approved, which set the parameters of the loan at 40 years with a maximum of 4% interest. A public hearing was set for September 13 during the regular commission meeting. Groundbreaking for the Public Safety Facility is set for September 9 at 12 p.m.