During public comment at the Fredonia Town Council meeting last week, Town Clerk Tina Horlacher informed the council that public meeting agendas are now being posted online at azleague.org.

Tim Short, District Ranger, updated the council on the travel management plan for the Kaibab. Short stated they should have a draft of the plan in two to three months, explaining no final decisions have been made and public input was still encouraged.

Traci Heaton updated the council on the town website. She explained it was going nicely and looks like they are on schedule to launch at the end of the month. The site will be a continual work in progress.

Town Manager Dan Watson gave the Marshal’s report and informed the council of the recent swarm of bees in Fredonia. He assured them they were not Africanized and the situation had been taken care of.

The first item on the agenda was the recommendation to approve a four-month multi-dog permit for Tom and Lori Corrigan.

Neighbor Tammy Zaccaria was in attendance and expressed her concerns regarding the permit. She stated, “As far as I’m concerned, for the last 8 years this was an illegal permit. They’re our neighbors and they are a nuisance.” She indicated there had been an improvement over the last couple months, and “If it is only for four months and the dogs are gone, Halleluiah!” 

The council approved the issuance of the temporary multi-dog permit with the understanding that if the situation again became a nuisance, the permit could be revoked.

Next on the agenda was the Fredonia Humane Society. The contract signed September 22, 2009, by the previous council expired on June 30, 2010. Corrigan approached the council regarding the Fredonia Humane building. “I didn’t know we had a contract for care of the animals.” He explained he would like to remain in the building for six to eight more weeks and would continue to assist with the dogs. “You are under no obligation, of course, however it helps with the future disposition of the property.”

Corrigan continued, “I am asking the council now, for what they are looking for from Fredonia Humane and I would have to take it to my board of directors for any future use.”

Watson stated, “The last council was under the opinion that once it expired, we would take over the building and we would use it for our pound.”

Council member Tony Zaccaria stated, “We don’t have a working agreement and the city owns the building.”

Corrigan interrupted, “the city does not own the building.”

“The city owns the property,” Zaccaria clarified, “Why would the city ever enter into an agreement like that with their land, knowing they could never take possession of the building?”

Corrigan told the council there are voice minutes from a previous council meeting in which former mayor Steve Winward gave Fredonia Humane the land. He also indicated the “contract itself, which was drawn up by the attorneys, your attorneys,” did not specify the disposition of the building at the expiration of the contract.

Watson questioned Corrigan, asking if at any time during the previous council meetings, the council was ever told the building would be turned over to them. He indicated the last council was under the impression that once the contract was up, the building would be turned over to the city.

Corrigan stated that kind of arrangement would have been written into the contract. 

After some discussion regarding previous council meetings and agreements, it was decided to postpone any decisions until the September 14, 2010, meeting in order to thoroughly research the situation and options.

Public Works employee Trever Lathim approached the council with a proposal for a satellite phone to be used for emergencies in water canyon. He explained the dangerous conditions and recent situations where the satellite phone was a necessity as there is no form of communication in the area. The council agreed the safety of the employees was vital and approved the phone.

The council agreed next to work on the handicap accessibility at the park. Options were discussed as to the most effective way to make the improvements.