I know this may come as a complete surprise to all those of you who know and love me dearly, but Old Crankcase doesn’t have all that many friends. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Like finding out Mother Teresa was a pickpocket.

Anyway, when he does make a friend, he or she becomes a real friend. Not just an acquaintance . . but a real friend.

The Babe and I have such a friend in the form of a chiropractor named Doc Scott Bentley, affectionately known to the Babe and me as Billy Bonebender.

It is my experience, many people who go into professional occupations, do so for the prestige and the wealth involved. Yet, there are those who go into these occupations for the exact reasons they profess; to bring aid and comfort to their fellowmen, with little thought of enriching themselves.

In the television program NCIS, Leroy Jethro Gibbs does many things, not because of concrete evidence, but simply because his gut tells him to do so. Well, my gut tells me Doc Bentley is just what he appears to be on the surface – decent, honest, genuine, generous – and with a sincere desire to help any and all who come within his scope. He is the real McCoy!

Doc is religious, not in the sense he sits in a front row pew and outsings everybody else, or that he beats his chest like a Pharisee of Biblical times and cries to the heavens, “Oh, Lord, I am so blessed I am not a sinner like unto these others.”

He is religious in the sense that Mom kisses you for love, not show, and that Christ healed the leper for love, not for media attention.

Doc battles health problems daily. Failing kidneys puts him on dialysis as regularly as his breathing. Yet, meet him on the street, and you’ll get a smile and a friendly handshake as warm as the Arizona sun. What hurts Doc, stays with Doc.

For those of you who do not know him, it truly is your loss! For those of you who do know him, you will actually say, “Damn Crankcase, for once you’ve actually told the truth!”

Doc is 20 years younger than Old Crankcase, but Crank feels in many respects, Doc is his father. Many times, Crank has almost slipped and called Doc, Dad.

Well, Doc, if the old adage is true and the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree, your sons and daughters have a great start on this rock-strewn, miserable path we call life. They, at least, had a great beginning.

•Bye the bye - Though I no longer take part in the Utah Summer games, I understand Brandon Crosby took two gold medals in wrestling this past June. I won’t be following the wrestlers any longer, Brandon, but as the grandfather of a state champion, I have always felt you have the moxie to be a state champion yourself.

It is my sincere hope, come next spring when state champions are being crowned at UVU, you will be atop that podium when the winner of the 112 pound weight class is announced. Brandon, you are a 10.