The Municipal Building Authority met with Attorney Eric Johnson from Salt Lake City, who was present with all of the necessary paper work for final signatures for the Resolution 2005-5 for the $250,000 Community Impact Loan.  The loan for revenue bonds is to finance Public Safety Improvements and Related Matters, is for zero interest. This is the loan for the EMS building at the airport.  The airport ground lease was also approved.

The other resolution authorizes the 30-day process advertising for a public hearing for an amount not to exceed $1,000,000 for a facility for the Southwest Public Health District and Related Matters.  The public hearing will be held on April 13.

The commission approved a contract for $27,000 with Jones/DeMille Engineering, which will realign the entrance on Highway 89 at Hancock Road and Kanab Canyon to make it safer.

The commission authorized County Road Director Bert Harris to negotiate with Best Friends for some improvements on 4,000 feet of Kanab Canyon Road. According to Harris, they indicated willingness to help pay for the improvements.

Residents of Long Valley Estates petitioned the county commission asking why they are not part of 911 Medical assistance from Cedar Mountain Fire Protection District, since their ambulance is several miles closer than coming out of Orderville. Currently they are not members of the CMFPD.  Stuart Willoughby is the EMT coordinator.  Time rather than mileage is one of the considerations.

Commissioner Daniel Hulet was appointed to serve as representative for survey work and to meet with the County Fair Board.

The county engineer and county commissioner attempted to resolve the water diversion issue unsuccessfully on the homeowner in Vermillion Cliffs.

The commission approved advertising an old county bus for surplus.

''Rest meal'' periods for the Road Department on the personnel agenda were tabled. The issue dealt with 30 minute rather than 60 minute lunch breaks as are now in the personnel policy.

A Partial Line Adjustment request by Stephenson was approved.

Kaneplex use was tabled for the next agenda.

The commission met in a work meeting with several members representing the Dixie National Forest, Kenton Call, Val Payne, State of Utah Public Lands, Rob Macworter, and District Ranger Lori Woed.   They discussed the final briefing of the Motorized Travel Plan.

Travel on Cedar Mountain offers 2,700 miles for motorized travel and another 1,000 for administrative and permitted use.  They received some input from the commissioners on several specific locations.