Seventeen scouts from the Kane County area participated in Timberline, the Boy Scouts of America’s National Youth Leadership Training program, at Camp Rush near Alton from July 12-17. Dr. John Schmutz served as Scoutmaster, assisted by JD Maxwell, Alan Black, Paul Chapman and John Jacobs.

Eleven youth leaders provided activities and training, led by Senior Patrol Leader Tyler Reese. Schmutz commented the course had gone very smooth. The scouts worked well with each other, and there were no issues of home sickness or other problems.

Timberline is Utah National Parks Council’s advanced leadership training program for scouting youth leaders. It is a course staffed, taught, and run by Boy Scouts. The course material can be applied to all aspects of a scout’s life, including his Boy Scout leadership.

Through activities, events, games and adventures, Timberline participants work hard and play hard as they put into action the best scouting has to offer.

The Timberline staff has been preparing for six months to conduct this course. The scout troops in our area will greatly benefit from the leadership skills their youth leaders have gained during their participation.

Youth leaders learn communication skills, problem solving skills, planning, and other important skills to help fill their leadership responsibilities in the Boy Scouts, school and their communities.

Congratulations for a job well done during this 100th Anniversary Year of the Boy Scouts of America. The National Youth Leadership Training program is produced by the Boy Scouts of America to enable local Boy Scout councils to provide quality training for their youth leaders.

Photographs by Alan Black.