In the summer of 1984, a slightly younger Kortney Stirland was conducting the orchestra for our area’s first summer production, The Music Man. Fifteen productions later in 2010, Stirland is found most early weekday mornings in the KHS Auditorium, directing once again, the musical score of The Music Man.

Three others from the original orchestra, besides Stirland, are still devoting their summer hours for our benefit and entertainment; Sherry Downward on French horn, Lori Kane on flute, and Tonya Holiday Johnson on clarinet.

Johnson was still attending Freodnia High School during the first Music Man production. She now has three sons older than she was then.

The rest of our talented orchestra includes Nate Hannig and Joel Conner on drums; the strings section consisting of Johanna Bowman and Annie Nielson on cello, Blaine Allan on bass, Clara Brown, Hayden Edwards and Virgil Barstad on violin; Jack Allen and Judah Evangelista on trombone; Christine Barrick and Amy Sorenson on clarinet; LaDawn Bushnell on flute; Ina Mae Tait on piano; Misty Reidhead and Michael Downward on trumpet; and Merilee Terry on bassoon and clarinet.

Most of these musicians are regulars in the Symphony of the Canyons. Thank you orchestra members, for being willing to put in extra time to bring our 2010 production of The Music Man to life!

The Music Man will be presented on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 5, 6 & 7 at the Kanab High School Auditorium. Showtime is 7 p.m. Advance tickets can be purchased from Mary Glazier. All tickets are $7.