The Kane County Hospital Board met on Tuesday July 6, 2010. Chairperson Dottie Ratzlaff brought the meeting to order. Members present: Karen Alvey, Carol Sullivan, Doyle Swallow, Chad Szymanski, Gene Drake and Debbie Fox. Kane County Commissioner Daniel Hulet and Attorney Ed Robbins were also in attendance.

A topic of importance was the Hospital Auxiliary’s Thrift Shop year to date financial report. Human Resources and Public Relations Director Laurali Noteman presented the report submitted by Auxiliary Treasurer Floyd Norskog.  Sales year to date: $43,795.36. Expenses: $18,854.77 (including managers wages). Customers: 8,804. $20,000 was put into the Public Treasurer Investment Fund (PTIF), a Utah State Government entity.

The PTIF fund is similar to a savings account, with the monies designated for hospital equipment, etc.

The success of the shop is primarily due to the community’s continued support by contributing gently used items for resale and to the hard work of the devoted volunteers and the shop managers. Last, but not least and of vital importance, are the almost 9,000 customers who visited the shop this year and the many that have visited throughout the 20 years the “shop” has been in existence.

With this combination of efforts, the Auxiliary is approaching its goal of a million dollars in donations to the hospital by the end of 2010. Administrator Sherrie Pandya said they were waiting on outstanding invoices to be submitted to the hospital so they can be paid from the PTIF account.

Board member Karen Alvey stated the need to have one big celebration for everybody that has ever participated in the Auxiliary’s programs. Alvey said she had some really different and fun ideas for the celebration.

Noteman gave an update on the Hospital Foundation Business, as per Chairperson Kathleen Salter. The foundation has two new board members – Kelly Stowell and Jim Baker. Salter reported they are having a new logo designed and are planning a winter fundraiser for the hospital. They are also applying for board of directors insurance to limit their liabilities. At their next meeting, they will present the two students they sponsored for the Southern Utah University Health Care Camp.

Noteman announced the Dixie’s Southern Quill display would be for view in the hospitals main hallway until July 15.

Noteman handed out an interesting self-care guide for common illnesses booklet published by the Southwest Utah Public Health Department.

Noteman reported a member of her department would be learning how to update the hospital’s website and do the quarterly federal taxes. This will ease her workload.

Noteman stated to be in legal/compliance. Family Medical Leave Applications (FMLA) were handed out to all department managers, and employees must be notified regarding their FMLA, which begins the day of notice.

Pandya explained about the Extended Illness Time/ Bereavement Policy (EIT). It is offered to full-time employees. She would like to make a change to allow employees to use up to 24 hours of EIT for bereavement, instead of using Paid Time Off (PTO), or take unpaid leave. The members agreed, with one member opposing.

Finance report: Chief Financial Director Stephen Howells explained   some changes within the departments were made re: moving an employee from the Business Office to the Health Information Department to combine the job description of editing and charge entry with the medical records information. Howells stated July should show some good reimbursement fees. Hospital revenue is in line.

Administrator’s report: The Policies and Procedures for Radiology need to be approved by the board for this year. The policies were approved. 

Pandya stated the hospital received a request from the Service Youth Leaders of Orderville for donations to a service project to assemble together hygiene kits and donate them to the LDS Humanitarian Center in Salt Lake City. The board discussed the request. Member Gene Drake thought it was good that the youth organization was involved in a community activity. Member Carol Sullivan stated even though it was a good project, the hospital is not a business, it is a service district. The members decided if any donations were to be made, it should come from the individual board members, not in the name of hospital board. The members agreed.

Pandya stated the hospital has to be audited on a yearly basis. EideBailly, a private audit company, has completed the 2009 audit and the process went well. There were several corrections due to changing to the critical access hospital Medicare reimbursement designation.

Commissioner Hulet recommended a copy of the audit be forwarded to Kane County Clerk/Auditor Karla Johnson. Financial Director Stephen Howells said he would comply with Hulet’s suggestion.

Helipad/Bulk Oxygen update: The Request for Proposal (RFP) for the oxygen piping has been posted. Once those bids have been submitted, the RFP for the cement work and tank can be posted. The hospital staff has met with Lifeflight and Classic to discuss the flight path and pad size. Lifeflight’s helicopter is slightly bigger and heavier than those of Classic.

Pandya stated, “we want both companies to feel safe and comfortable landing here.”

There is a possibility the power lines will need to be moved. Member Karen Alvey suggested a letter be sent to Garkane’s local office, with a copy to the Garkane’s Board of Directors explaining the hospital’s need for this community service project.

A tentative completion date is set for mid-July or September without any foreseeable additional expense to the hospital said Pandya.