At issue was the road through the Zion tunnel which transports visitors from the east side to the west and vice versa. Long road closures Monday through Friday, threatened to destroy businesses on the east their prime time of economic operation.

Thank you to Zion National Park Superintendent Jock Whitworth and the Zion National Park staff for responding to the east-side businesses’ concerns about the Zion road closure. They heard the concerns and responded, with a prompt action of changing the road closures to night.

Senator Stowell and Representative Noel were amazing in their insisting the right thing be done for their constituents. Commissioners Hulet and Heaton were important as well, in their out-spoken passion.

Thanks so much to AT Asphalt of St. George for their willingness to work with the park on a different schedule. Your consideration to change the schedule will always be appreciated.

Thank goodness, primarily for the east side businesses of which, as my mom used to say, “have to make hay while the sun shines.” Translation – tourism businesses must make their money and support their business and employees in the small window of time when most of the tourists are here.

The men and women who called media, talked to their representatives, made their feelings known, and came to the public meeting at Zion were awesome! The east side business representatives were well-spoken and passionate about their concerns about the closure.

Thank you to Zion National Park. We appreciate your management of such an amazing natural wonder that benefits our area, as well as your understanding that the humans involved in these endeavors need to be respected and valued as well.