The Fredonia Town Council meeting on Tuesday, June 22 began with public comment by Town Manager and Marshal Dan Watson. Watson read a letter of resignation from Officer J.D. Wright. He explained Wright had given a full two weeks notice, but the Kane County Sheriff’s Department was anxious to get him started. Watson allowed Wright to make his last day June 30. In the letter, Wright expressed his desire to be considered as a reserve officer for the town.

The first item on the agenda was a salary increase for Court Clerk Jammie Judd. Judd was hired in February of this year. She was not notified of her rate of pay. Upon receipt of her first paycheck, she discovered she was making $8.16 per hour. She assumed this was a training wage and continued working. She was told after 90 days she would receive an increase. She did not. 

Watson said the town code says the probationary period for a step increase is actually six months, not 90 days.

Judd explained the position she holds deals with extremely confidential and time sensitive information. She was frustrated that as a court clerk, she was hired “at the same rate as someone chopping weeds.”

Mayor Scott Heaton stated to Judd, “I definitely want to see you get what you’re worth.”

Judd told the council if they approved the increase, she would not ask for retro pay. 

The council approved the increase to a B1 step 2 for Judd.

Traci Heaton approached the council about the town website. She indicated she understood Watson had been working on the site, but realized he was too busy to complete it. Heaton suggested the town use Mike Thomas to design the site. Thomas designed and maintains the site for Heaton’s business, Accountable Kids. The site would cost $500 to design and between $200 and $400 per year for the bandwidth.

Heaton explained the town’s need for a site. She said the town could offer several areas on the site, including planning and zoning information, town code, library information, licensing applications and information, bill pay and more. The minutes of the council meetings could also be available on the site.

The council agreed it was a good idea and stated they had been working on implementing it for many years. “I think it’s a great idea, as long as we have funding,” said council member Cody Judd. 

The council voted unanimously to use Thomas to build the website for the town.

The council discussed the upcoming expiration of the contract with the Fredonia Humane Society. The understanding of the council is that at the end of the contract, the Humane Society will forfeit the building located on town property. The council agreed on June 30, 2010, the contract with FHS would not be renewed.

Watson informed the council a sponsorship for the Kanab fireworks display had been requested. He explained in prior years, the town had sponsored it with $2000. Judd was concerned about the town having the money in the budget for the large sum. The council agreed the community of Fredonia enjoys the fireworks each year and offered a sponsorship of $1000.