The Kanab City Council, minus excused councilman Ed Meyer who was absent, passed Kanab’s fiscal year 2010/2011 budget at their June 22 meeting, with only minor changes to what had been discussed at previous budget meetings and reported in earlier editions of the SUN.

The council added $19,000 to the loan from the Water and Sewer Fund to the city’s General Fund to bring the total amount borrowed from that fund to $114,000. The additional money was earmarked to be used to pay for engineering expenses associated with the replacement of the Kanab Creek Drive Bridge into the Ranchos.

Borrowing from the W&S Fund is considered a one-time event to help fund the shortfalls in the city’s budget for FY 2010/2011. It is scheduled to be paid back over 10 years at $11,400/year.

The council also passed two tax revenue measures with a nay vote on both resolutions by Councilman Jim Sorenson. The 1% transient room tax will affect visitors to the city staying in motels and short stay campgrounds.

The 3% tax on energy sources, like electricity and propane, will affect all households and businesses in town. These resolutions are effective June 1, but will not go into effect until September 1 after a 90-day grace period, with the first collection on October 1, according to City Manager Duane Huffman.

Councilman Sorenson explained his nay vote on these issues by saying he did not want to burden residents with additional taxes at a time when many households are struggling to make ends meet. “I just felt we could have borrowed more from the Water and Sewer Fund this next year to cover what may be generated by the energy tax especially. If our economic conditions don’t improve substantially next year, I think then we could have looked at these tax revenues,” said Sorenson.

Swimming pool fees will be increased this year. Daily general admission fees will go from $4 to $5, while 10 pass punch cards will increase $10 to $30/card. Annual family passes will go from $200 to $250, monthly passes from $60 to $80 and senior monthly passes from $40 to $60. Previously purchased passes will be honored until the punches are used up or the time expires.

Business license fees will also increase, but a library fee for computer use was not adopted.

Four bids were received for rehabilitation of the north and east Kanab Airport ribbons (aprons or runways) with the low bid from A-T Asphalt Paving, Inc. being accepted by the council at $998,429.

The original projected cost of this paving project was $1,012,000, so the bid came in about $13,500 less. The repaving project is pending UDOT and FAA approval.

Public Works Director Keith Robinson reported, “The self-assessment of the municipal waste management system showed that everything is running smoothly. The system is at about 50% of capacity, with the biggest problem being tree roots getting into the pipe joints of some of the 50 year old lines.”

Lanny Talbot’s petition for annexation of his 21 acre Kanawood subdivision plat at the base of the Vermilion Cliffs, between the La Estancia and Vermilion Cliffs subdivisions, was tabled until zoning can be established, and will be sent back to the Planning Commission.

The annexation was opened to public comment without any public concerns, and the amended plat will be revisited after annexation is established. Most of the plat will remain open land in the cliffs with a projected eight to nine 10,000-13,000 square foot lots on the south side. Access will be from La Estancia.

The council voted to resolve a street naming problem in Plum Tree Estates involving the designation of Pear Tree and Plum Tree to coordinate physical addresses with plat map designations.