As the Fourth of July is rapidly approaching, I am excited for one of my favorite holidays. I was looking through some photos and came across a picture (all but forgotten) that reached out to me. As I reviewed the image of a young soldier standing behind an American flag, his head bowed in contemplation, it renewed my loyalty to my country and my own commitment to always honor the Flag of America. So, with that in mind, I decided to write a letter to my flag, my symbol of life in American. I have been so blessed. My entire life has been associated with that glorious banner waving across this great country.


 I stand behind you as you have stood by me.

 I raise you to heights of eagles, as you have lifted this great nation.

I wear your symbol with honor and glory.

You are my beacon on a stormy night, my refuge in a danger zone and my hope for the future of America.

No other should ever fly so high in this country.

I join with every loyal, red-blooded, God-fearing American to salute, honor you and die for you.

I am just a shadow in your presence, but a willing patriot in your future. God Bless America!