In the fall of 2009, an energy grant was submitted to the Department of Commerce. The proposed project was the purchase and installation of solar aerators in the sewer lagoons and town reservoir. The new aerators would reduce energy costs, as well as control odors in the lagoons and clarify the waters of the reservoir.

The excitement for the town came this spring when the grant was awarded. SolarBee, a leader in energy efficient products, installed the new solar powered aerators. The results have been phenomenal! 

According to Public Works Director Jay Mackelprang, the odor from the lagoons has been drastically reduced due to the installation of two aerators. He explained how normally this time of year, the odor from the lagoon blows right into town. He generally receives several complaints from throughout the community.

This year, however, no complaints have been received due to the increased odor control. The odor has improved even when standing next to the lagoons. 

The SolarBees control odor, and also improve the overall function of the lagoons by reducing fecal coliform counts, improving sludge digestion and improving ammonia reduction, among other benefits.

At the reservoir, the SolarBee prevents growth of blue-green algae, enhances water clarity and oxygenates bottom waters to prevent the release of hydrogen sulfide, iron, manganese and phosphorus. The three SolarBees have been a huge benefit to the sewer and water systems of the Town of Fredonia. 

Thank you to the Department of Commerce for facilitating these advances in energy efficiency and water quality for the community.