The East Kanab Transportation Corridor Plan is a planned frontage road system from the city of Kanab to Vermillion Cliffs and then to Seamans Wash, milepost 48.8. Why does Kane County need it? Kane County Transportation System Director Lou Pratt stated, “This plan was created due to private land development, safety hazards and the amount of traffic State Highway 89 receives.”

The plan was developed due to safety hazards associated with traffic needing to enter or leave the Highway 89 corridor that are primarily due to Kane County Roads, private land access, residents and visitors. Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) was very instrumental in assisting Kane County with this plan which addresses the existing and future access control points on Highway 89 which is a Limited Access Highway. Source:" onclick="dpSmartLink(this.href,'blankWin',0,0,'z:z','all');return document.MM_returnValue">" onclick="dpSmartLink(this.href,'blankWin',0,0,'z:z','all');return document.MM_returnValue"> Transportation/GIS Notice.

Pratt said the county has been working with UDOT for over three years to designate major accesses for future growth, expansion and development on that eastern section of Highway 89.

Of prime importance: developing a plan for egress/ingress for better traffic control to prevent accidents and insure the safety of Kane County residents and visitors. Pratt said UDOT recommends that accesses for turning lanes should be a minimum of one mile apart. However, the designated access points may have to be shifted due to culverts, property lines etc. Pratt also stated currently there are multiple accesses to Highway 89 UDOT has designated as agricultural access gates only, and are sub standard widths and not legal access roads for development purposes. The “Plan” will eliminate that problem with proper designation.

With increasing vehicle and truck traffic using Highway 89, the potential for a major accident or emergency may create the necessity to close down both easterbound and westerbound lanes of the highway, causing traffic to come to a complete stand-still with undetermined long delays. Currently, there is no way to route traffic around that area. Once completed, the plan will provide alternate routes to be used in case of such an emergency.

UDOT considers long-range planning an essential part of stewardship for the transportation system in Utah and essential to Utah’s economic vitality and quality of life.

UDOT’s Long Range Transportation Plan 2007-2030 is the statewide plan for Utah’s rural and small urban areas. This plan requires the efforts and skills of multiple communities, planning agencies and governing boards. UDOT holds the primary responsibility for planning transportation systems in rural portions of the state.

Throughout the past three years, various public meetings have been held. In 2007, UDOT circulated a questionnaire requesting input from the citizens on what they considered to be problems on Highway 89. Due to the dramatic increase in population on both sides of the highway from mileposts 54 to 60, UDOT provided two turn lanes at the entrance to the Vermillion Cliffs Estates.

Representatives of UDOT presented the Kane County East Transportation Plan Agreement to the commissioners at the November 9, 2009 Kane County Commission meeting. Bert Harris and Lou Pratt represented the county.

Pratt said the plan is for future growth and new development in the area with developers sharing the costs of highway access and road construction.

In March of 2010, UDOT contracted with Parsons/Brinkerhoff to conduct a Kane County Corridor Study from Kanab City limits east to Seaman’s Wash. They have funding for one set of turn lanes located at Canyon County Subdivision and have two possible locations. UDOT has funding for design now and will look for construction funding in the next cycle. (Re: Kane County Commission Meeting March 3, 2010).

The plan utilizes portions of old Highway 89 and provides for the construction of a few new streets, and widening of some existing roads.

Kane County Transportation System/GIS is responsible for transportation planning and new construction within the county. Reference: Department Information, Kane County Utah Government.

The Kane County Transportation Corridor map is available online at:, click on Departments - Transportation/GIS - Forms and Downloads to Kane County Transportation Corridor. A large map indicating the access roads is also on display at the county commission chambers.