The Fredonia Town Council met Tuesday, March 10 in the midst of Election Day excitement.  As they anxiously awaited the results of the Water Project bond election, council members discussed various Town matters. 

The GIS, Geographical Information Systems, presentation given by Shane Scott of Rosenberg Associates showed the council a way to bring innovation to Fredonia.  The Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Company specializes in map making and aerial photography.  “GIS is almost becoming an essential technology,” Scott told the council.  He explained that it really shined in the public works department where all essential information could be converted to digital format.  Once in digital format, information can be accessed in seconds.  For example, if there was a water leak and technicians were not sure where the shut off valve was, they could almost instantly find the information on the computer.  The technology would also be used to assist with electrical system maintenance and problem solving. 

“I just look at it as a maintenance tool more than anything else for us,” said Council member Greg Honey, “This will really give us a leg up.”  The Council agreed that the innovative technology would be a great tool and asset to the community.  They decided to thoroughly review the town’s needs and Rosenberg’s work proposal and determine where to begin over the next two weeks.

Alta Edison from the Coconino County Elections Office gave the unofficial results of the Water Project bond election as passing 220 to 96.  The election had a 47% voter turnout.  With the passing of the bond, the town is ready to move forward with the rest of the Water Project.

Becky Douglas approached the council with issues about the baseball, basketball and softball leagues.  Because the topic was not on the agenda, the Council was unable to make any decisions on the issues.  During the course of discussion, however, it was discovered the permits were not in place for the use of the fields for the teams. 

Town Manager, Tom Corrigan, requested Douglas complete the necessary applications for the permits so the teams could use the fields with proper permission.  He expressed anyone wanting to use Town facilities would have to apply for the same permits.

Also discussed were bids to repair and seal the town parking lot and the hiring of Kelly Hilding as the full time clerk.