He taught so many lessons,

By example and his deeds,

Teaching me who I should be,

Were the essence of the seeds,


I find they still are sprouting,

Though he sleeps in slumber deep,

Little memories touch my heart,

Of the lessons that I keep..


To honor God my Father,

To know that it is good

To stand for right and goodness,

Courage in the things I should..


He taught me I should honor,

All life that God had made,

To respect the old and infirm,

When their lives began to fade,


He showed by deed and kindness.

How others should be treated,

That if I had faith and fortitude,

I could never be defeated,


And even though he sleeps,

In the silence of years past,

The essence of time spent

Are the memories I hold fast,


So, for father’s day, my dad..

Though an eternity apart..

I think of you with honor,

You are always in my heart.