I have heard it said Ol’ Crank goes a bit overboard when he speaks of the military…waxes a bit too eloquent, as it were.

I feel just the opposite. Not enough attention is paid to these heroes in khaki, blue or white. As Chaplain Lloyd Laycook said in his Memorial Day prayer, “It wasn’t the politician, the lawyer, or the businessman who gave us this great free land and has kept it free. It was the soldier, sailor, marine, or flyboy, past and present, who has made this the greatest country on earth.”

Ted Baca, Korean War combat veteran, is such a man. I’ve been to his “war room” and I can assure you I’ve seen enough to know he is no sunshine soldier or stateside George Patton. He is the real McCoy.

Ted served with the 8th Army, 865th D Battery in the anti-aircraft battalion. He attained the rank of sergeant and is now disabled with hearing problems. He was as far north as the Yalu River. He has been there and done that! He’s heard the bullets whine and has seen the foliage cut down by machine gun fire. He is another name for guts.

Sarge Baca has been married to his childhood sweetheart, Cecilia, for 58 years. Together they will travel back to Korea, as did Sarge Baker, for the 60th Anniversary of the Korean Conflict. Again, the South Korean Government and the Veterans’ Administration will pick up the tab.

I have no use for “pretend” heroes. They should be taken out with the day’s trash. But Ted Baca stood tall when the big, blue chips were down. He is cut from a different cloth. He is a doer of deeds…not a talker of talks.

Ted Baca, you can get my back anytime!