The June 1, meeting of the Kane County Hospital Board was brought to order by Vice-Chairman Chad Szymanski. The members unanimously voted to revise the Hospital’s Mission Statement as follows: “Kane County Hospital is dedicated to quality and excellence as a primary care hospital”. The Vision Statement is scheduled for review at future meetings.

Director of Nursing Rosalie Esplin stated both the out-patient and in-patient activity is up. The nurses are enjoying it as they are able to provide the patient care they were trained to do.

Hospital Administrator Sherrie Pandya announced she and Chief Financial Officer Stephen Howells would be meeting with the Five County Association Steering Committee, to discuss the grant/loan application for the hospital’s X-Ray Computed Tomography (CT) scanner.

County commissioner Daniel Hulet stated Kane County, city and school district representatives will be in attendance. County commissioner Douglas Heaton will also be attending, and it was suggested Pandya provide him with the information in achieving the hospitals goal.  

The hospital medical staff and the board approved Dr. Tory Stone, who practices out of Cedar City, to use the hospital’s radiology services for Cedar Mountain patients.

Human Resources and Public Relations Director Laurali Noteman reported the hospital received a letter from Utah State Attorney General Mark L. Shurtleff in reference to Senate Bill 81.

Pursuant to the law certain verification requirements are in place concerning the legal status of public employees and those who contract with public entities. This law also required state agencies and political subdivisions of the state to verify the lawful presence in the United States of any adult who has applied for certain state or federal public benefits.

Noteman stated Homeland Security has an E-Verify system that allows an employer to research and determine the eligibility of the new employee’s “right to work” in the United States from the I-9 information the new hire has given the employer. There is no charge to the employers. The Department of Homeland Security in partnership with the Social Security Administration operates the E-Verify system.

Noteman explained, as Director of Human Resources, she had to take and pass a test in order to comply with the new regulations.

Noteman is also rewriting the employee’s performance evaluations. Each job classification will have its own evaluation. The job description is tied directly to the performance evaluation. It will be rated on a scale of one, two or three, and will determine the amount of pay increase allowable.

Noteman announced the Center for Education, Business and the Arts (CEBA) and the city contributed monies for the art railings that have been installed in the hospital main hallway.

Dixie State College will be displaying a new exhibit at the hospital June 15 - July 15, with a special opening reception on June 15 from 5-6 p.m.

Howells stated overall operating income was near where budgeted, but the net income was quite a bit better than last year re: sales tax monies received.

Pandya announced she would be compiling a computerized report every month for the board’s review. The report will provide reference statistics on the overall operating and comparison records of the hospital, for the current and past year and percentage of changes.

As an example: Pandya said there were 225 emergency room visits in April compared to 206 in March, year to date 747, last year 744. There were 25 ambulance runs for April, compared to 32 in March, year to date 87, last year 94. The total of all clinic visits in April were 1,395: hospital 41, Kanab 1,212, and Valley 142. The clinic in Cedar Mountain has been closed due to lack of patients and cost to the hospital.

Pandya stated the term Critical Access Hospital is simply a Medicare payment designation. The hospital is a Primary Care Hospital.