The Kane County Sheriff’s Office has requested the use of the Search and Rescue Building be restricted because of stains on the new carpet.  At the May 24 Kane County Commission meeting, Commissioner Mark Habbeshaw said the proposed restriction does not require commission action.  It is up to the Sheriff”s Office. Commissioner Daniel Hulet believes every facility in Kane County is a county facility. “We are the ones who manage facilities - not personnel.”  

Commissioner Doug Heaton said, “the county does have ultimate authority and responsibility over policy.”  They will look into charging a refundable cleaning deposit.

Resolution 2010-7 was approved, designating revenue funds from the State Corrections be used specifically for the Public Safety Facility.

On the Legacy Development Rights, the application requires approval from Kane County.  Habbeshaw said that until the county sees the terms and conditions, “no action can be taken.”  A landowner has a chance to sell his development rights to the Utah State Legacy, which would make it State Forestry Land, keep out development, and would maintain the riparian area, habitat, etc. Hulet indicated taking the land from private property use, will have an effect on Kane County’s tax base.

On Care and Share, food recipients need clearance through the Sheriff’s Office.  The Sheriff’s Office has a process for transients and want one central spot for clearance of all organizations to work with them.  That was approved.

Rhonda Gant, Human Resources Director, gave a follow-up on the request by Craig Hansen that he needed more hours.  After the comparison with other counties the size of Kane County, no action was taken.  Hulet said he needs to better utilize his part-time help.

Grant money is available for an IT (Interns for Information Technology) summer program through Work Force Services ages 18-24. There will be 10 locally. Kane County made application for two; three are approved.

On the Consent Agenda, there was a discussion on whether an applicant needs to be present at a public hearing. The consensus was the ordinance does not require an applicant to be present for a zone change.

For personnel, two officers in the Sheriff’s Office received well-earned promotions. Ted Bernard was promoted to Sergeant, grade 23 and Dathan Chamberlain was promoted to Detective, grade 22.  Both were budgeted for, and the commission voted to acknowledge the Sheriff’s Office promotions.

The Municipal Building Authority (MBA) met with Ed Deffner, Layton Construction, Deputy Tracy Glover and Byard Kershaw. They reported things are going well for the Public Safety Facility for the MBA. They are staking for water lines. The archaeological study is in progress to complete the EA. NEPA work is done, except the archaeological. They have had a setback waiting for the EA to be completed. A resolution recommended money from the Department of Corrections be used in direct connection to the operating costs and maintenance of the facility, and to pay bond payments until the facility bond is paid in full. Deputy Tracy Glover was designated as the authorized representative with Layton Construction on the Public Safety Facility.