Councilmember Greg Honey discussed the cemetery during public comment at the Fredonia Town Council meeting on May 25. He stated he had asked Marvin and Hazel Hatch to read the water meter daily at the cemetery. He said they reported only 150 gallons of water used per day and were concerned this was not enough water. Public Works Director Jay Mackelprang said when the sprinklers were first turned on, they were set for 15 minutes per day, four days per week. He quickly upped their time to 20 minutes per day seven days per week. According to the sprinkler installers, there are 88 sprinkler heads that release 5.5 gallons per minute each on the cemetery grass. 

Mackelprang presented the council with the town’s newest dilemma. Five of the wells for the town are down and possibly need new pumps. He expressed how vital the wells are to Fredonia’s water supply, and although the pumps cost between $1800 and $2000 each, if the crew is unable to revive them, the purchase of the new ones will be necessary. He explained the town is already seeing a drastic increase in water usage and the wells must be running soon or they would be in trouble. The council agreed getting water to the town is top priority. They unanimously voted to purchase the pumps if the public works department is unable to get the old ones working again.

Randy Soderquist, owner of Re-creation Retreat Girl’s School, approached the council with his plans to expand his operation into the building previously used for North Rim Nursery. The council and Soderquist debated about whether the school was a group home or a private school because, as a group home, town code requires it be no less than 600 feet from a liquor establishment, but a school, according to the state, can be no less than 300 feet. The concern is the proximity of the desired building to Judd Auto.

Council requested Soderquist discuss the issue with the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Cassidy Baird, Kylee Bunting and Mary Chell approached the council with plans for a labyrinth at the Welcome Center to receive their Girl Scout Silver Awards. The 35’ or 40’ x 45’ or 50’ rock maze would be a place for residents and passers-by to relax and reflect. The council agreed the labyrinth would be a nice addition to the Welcome Center.

With regard to the Welcome Center, the council agreed to have it open from June 1-October 15, with the agreement that Greg Sant and other volunteers would take care of the center. They would clean the bathrooms and maintain the area on a volunteer basis.

Town Clerk Marilyn Johnson presented the official results of the May election. 228 votes were cast for the open council seat. Tony Zaccaria received 131 votes, with Carl Hughes receiving 97. “Good luck Tony,” stated Mayor Dixie Judd to Zaccaria, who was in attendance.

Evelyn Tabor, senior center aide, gave her retirement date set for July 31.  She has worked at the center for eight years and is greatly appreciated. “Thanks to her and all she has done, we’ll miss her,” said Mayor Judd.

New Mayor Scott Heaton and new council members Jennifer Lukus and Tony Zaccaria will be sworn in at the next Fredonia Town Council meeting scheduled for June 8.