The Angel’s Landing setting brought those in attendance at the May 16 “Invocation to Sustainability” not only peace, but ignited quiet passion in respect for the beautiful surroundings of the area. The event was a joint effort between Amazing Earthfest and the Healthy Planet Mobilization Committee.

Weeklong activities brought northern Utah climate scientists, a poet, writer, conductor, musicians, photochoreographer and modern dancers to collaborate with southern Utah artists in this weeklong celebration of the great earth.

United Church Pastor David Bowles invoked a blessing for sustainability of the land, noting Christians’ responsibility in that endeavor.

Earthfest founder and events coordinator Rich Csenge welcomed everyone, followed by a five-minute meditation directed by Sarah and Jamie Bacon, LCSW.

Kent Udell, Director of Sustainability Research Center for the University of Utah, spoke of how humans have become disconnected with nature. He gave the example of our overuse and dependence on cars, offices, TV’s and homes, as ‘societal insanity.’ He believes we are imprisoned by technology, and have become too dependent on it, as well as fossil fuels. “We have an addiction and are fighting Mother Nature,” said Udell.

Concerning global warming, he said there isn’t any doubt, the planet will be harmed by CO2 production, and billions will die. “We need to get away from burning fossil fuels and save humanity,” said Udell.

University of Utah professors Joe Andrade, John Horel and Hans Ehrbar discussed the ‘Science of Place.’

Maida Rust Withers performed a ‘Spirit of Place’ dance. Withers, Kanab native of her youth and internationally-renowned for interpretative dance in collaboration with poets and musicians, believes the area is amazing. “I think the Amazing Earthfest should be featured nationally. It is an amazing earth.”