Archeologist Heidi Roberts detailed to those attending the May 20 Jackson Flat Reservoir tour an interesting history of the sequence of sites on a ridge that her company HRA, Inc. has been excavating, prior to the dam’s imminent construction and subsequent reservoir collection.

Roberts and 10 other archeologists, as well as 10-12 BYU archeological students, have been working diligently to excavate, categorize and document what they are finding at the sites, before the site is covered up by the dam and water.

“The entire site was probably abandoned around AD 1050,” said Roberts. She added that the prehistoric Pueblo village structures probably were occupied in the vicinity of AD 300-AD 1050, occurring with a sequence of occupations by different groups of inhabitants. She pointed out more evolved site architecture and artifacts found, the more recent in history the occupations had occurred.

Roberts said Tribal members have been notified of quite a few human remains at the site, but preferred not to talk publicly about it, in respect for the dead. The remains will likely be re-interred at the Jackson Flat site.