While the FMUSD Board discussed several things at the March 3 meeting, the most pertinent to parents and students was the district''s GPA (Grade Point Average) calculations.

Currently the district calculates GPAs as follows: A+ = 4.0, A = 3.8, A- = 3.6, B+ = 3.4, B = 3.0, B-  = 2.8 and so on.  After carefully polling several other districts locally as well as in various states, Superintendent Nicholas Bartlett discovered every other district he spoke with had the simpler calculation of A =4.0,   B =3.0, C =2.0, etc.  

Reviewing the FMUSD GPA calculations compared to those of other districts showed students in Fredonia at a distinct disadvantage.  While students here may have achieved a straight A average, they may not achieve the 4.0 students from other districts receive.  When reviewed for college admissions or scholarships, this  places Fredonia''s students below others, even if they maintained the same grades.

After presenting his findings to the board, Bartlett requested the district''s calculations for GPAs be changed to the standard 4.0, 3.0, 2.0... system.  His request was unanimously approved in order to help students be more competitive when applying for secondary education and scholarships and to be better recognized for their academic achievements.

Also discussed and approved was the contract to allow a dental service program to come to the school annually to take care of the dental needs of low income and uninsured students.