The Fredonia Town Council began with public comment from Russ Funk of Sunrise Engineering. He explained the contractors had been given an incentive to find cost effective alternatives to some of the proposed bid items. Three alternatives were found. 

The original ultra violet disinfection system now has a newer version. The new system is from the same manufacturer, but costs $8,800 less than the old. It also requires one third less energy to operate. The downside of the new system is that it will require a redesign of the building to house it, because it is longer than the originally proposed system.

The second cost saving proposal was for a different chlorination system. The upfront cost savings would be $5700. However, the annual operating costs would be approximately 40% higher. The proposed system would be able to remove biofilm and would be a benefit to the town’s water.

The third cost savings alternative is to change the supplier of butterfly valves and actuators. Funk explained the proposed valves and actuators were equivalent, but a $27,500 savings. The town would realize 80% of the savings, and the contractor 20%.

Next discussed was the water tank refurbishment project to be funded by remaining CDBG grant money and WIFA funds.  Public Works Director Jay Mackelprang expressed his concern that the town could not have the tank offline during the summer. 

Timing is of the essence, however, because if the project is not completed and funds expended by November 1, the town will lose the funding, and be unable to complete the much-needed $100,000 project.

The council asked how the town can time the project accordingly, as to not lose the funding opportunity, but still supply adequate water for the town during the summer. It was determined, if the project began the beginning of August, it should be completed within two months, therefore, meeting the CDBG deadline and keeping the tank online during the summer. 

Mackelprang also expressed the current water use in town is extremely high, and he was concerned about being able to get the tank full for summer usage.

Kaibab District Ranger Tim Short addressed the council to explain the May 13 meeting was to focus on the Forest Plan Revision; the overall management guidance, not travel management. He also set a meeting with the council to be held May 18 at 6 p.m. to focus on travel management and discuss input from the council.

Town Manager Dan Watson informed the council of various grants he was working on. One is an energy grant, which would hopefully pay to replace the heat pumps and furnaces at the Medical Center and Senior Center. His goal with the grant is to also replace the lighting at the softball field so outdated replacement bulbs are no longer available. The grant will also cover retrofitting the library lighting.

Another grant he is working on is for a new fire engine. It would be a 10% matching grant for the town, but would allow the town to purchase a $300,000 engine for approximately $30,000 their cost.

The cemetery was then discussed. Greg Honey asked Jay Mackelprang what the role of the Public Works Department would be in taking care of the cemetery. He was concerned they would not have time to adequately take care of the cemetery. Mackelprang explained they would do their best to properly maintain the grounds, but it would take a couple months to see how it would all work out. Honey proposed if they were unable to maintain the cemetery, someone would need to be hired.

Mayor Dixie Judd stated she had been approached by a few people who would like to volunteer at the Welcome Center. They would be willing to clean the bathrooms and pick up trash. She felt it would be a shame to close such a nice facility. 

Brent Mackelprang explained he felt it would pull people away from local businesses, “I think when we have it open we take away from our local businesses and we need to do everything we can to help them.”

The council agreed to look into volunteer options and the impact on local businesses prior to deciding whether or not to open the Welcome Center.

The council agreed to provide a $200 sponsorship for the Fredonia PTO reading program. Honey felt, “It’s a good program and it’s certainly worthwhile.”

Town Clerk Marilyn Johnson submitted her resignation. After more than 29 years of service, her letter explained it was a difficult decision, but it was time. The council expressed their gratitude for her years of service. “Thanks is certainly not enough,” stated Mayor Judd.

Also agreed upon, was the June 10, 2010, at 5 p.m. date for the public hearing on the water rate increase.