We would like to thank the many people who selflessly volunteer to bring events and activities to our area. What a great statement concerning these dedicated citizens’ love for this community!

They’re responsible for events such as; the Greyhound Gathering (Claudia Presto and volunteers), Amazing Earthfest (Rich Csenge), Kanab 10K (Megan Smith and volunteers), Jacob Hamblin Days (Jim Bentley and volunteers ), Rutan Fly-In (Bill Erickson and Dick Brewer), and Western Legends (Steve Mower and the many volunteers), as well as those who support and promote the many other area events.

The volunteer efforts these people provide are not only a labor of love for the event, but provide venues and activities for tourists visiting here. Those who attend the activities stay here, dine at local restaurants, shop at stores, and frequent grocery stores and gas stations.

The volunteer efforts simply translate into more revenue! That not only stimulates the economy through TRT and sales tax, but supports and keeps local businesses afloat. What a great gift! I would expect most business owners who are financial beneficiaries of the events would volunteer as well.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who bring great events to this area. You make us all look good! Your efforts are deeply appreciated.